Father and ASD

Well got email back from my dad. According to him-

There seem to be few if any characteristics of you as a child up to age 8 on which could provide evidence that would be supportive of a diagnosis of autism

I don’t know whether this is because there are no signs or a case of a parent not wanting to accept a child of their’s may be on the spectrum. It certainly contrasts with my sister scoring me 165 on the RAADS-R at aspie tests. Cut off for ASD is 65.

He added that he’d always seen me as being at the high potential end of any scale. As I have mentioned probable learning difficulties before on Facebook I get the impression he may be in denial.

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I was diagnosed with Aspergers 10 years ago, but I don’t have it.
I am now diagnosed with Avoidant Personality Disorder, but I have symptoms of the cluster A personality disorders as well.
When we are diagnosed with asd when we are adults, we don’t really get any support from anyone anyway.


Throughout my life my mother would regularly say I was an awkward baby/toddler/child/teenager etc . I guess she must have had a reason for saying that even if as a blunt statement it wasn’t very supportive.

Yeah sounds like denial.

My daughter used to bark like a dog in public. Omg :astonished: it was so embarrassing. She also used to peal the paint off her bathroom walls and roll it into little balls. And even though I showed her several times how to wash her hair her hair was often dirty. She was diagnosed with ADHD

She was on the sidelines at a soccer game once and started barking. I can’t remember if the coach told her to stop barking or I did. I had a hard time with that child.

Parents don’t like to think of there being things wrong with their kids. It took my parents the longest time to accept my mental illness.

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My Dad still sees me as this really intelligent person who’s socially and in other ways highly functional. The reality I have chronic and severe social interaction difficulties. According to a pdoc I have very poor social skills. I am much better verbally than non-verbally. Have executive functioning deficits,especially organising and planning. Have care help to, as my care plan says, help me to remain living independently in my flat . I’ve never worked.

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