A question for the non/self diagnosed -ASD

Do you ever consider you may be selectively looking for facts to prove ASD/NVLD to yourself, and ignoring contrary evidence ?
I do wonder,personally speaking, whether it’s about the need to find something that explains how and who you are.

That’s probably a good question. You can usually find facts to prove that your sign applies to you too. Our minds strive to find patterns.

I just don’t know. I swing from a degree of certainty to a degree of uncertainty ,all the time looking for something that explains me and where I belong/fit in.
The primary thing with me is social interaction difficulties that are long standing ie have had few friends over the course of my 60 years. Social skills were described a few years ago by a pdoc as very poor. I am also not good with change but don’t see myself as having the "Stereotyped or repetitive motor movements, use of objects, or speech "
I am not sure my years of posting articles ,mostly mental health or politics related , and checking my rss feeds and twitter for stuff umpteen times a day would exactly count as " Highly restricted, fixated interests that are abnormal in intensity or focus ".
I guess the nearest I’ve got to explaining things is NVLD ,and to a lesser degree ASD.
One thing I do know is that as a child/teenager I was quite different from my peers. As a child it wasn’t really much of an issue ,but when I got to British public school as a teenager it resulted in a lot of verbal bullying and peer rejection.
Although people don’t come out and say it to my face I think I’m seen as being a bit socially odd/awkward.