A College degree

My major is Humanities. I didn’t start school in 1984 to get a degree in this. I just chose this major last year because all my classes I’ve taken over the years made a Humanities degree the most attainable. My other choice for a major was a Associate of Science degree, but I would have had to take a LOT more, hard classes. So I opted for Humanities because I was closer to getting it. Many people say that a Humanities degree is useless for the job market. That’s OK. My dad told me years ago that ANY degree looks good to prospective employes whether it has anything to to with the job you are applying for or not. Getting a college degree shows an employer you have desirable traits to become employable. Getting ANY degree shows you have commitment, discipline, tenacity, dedication, and motivation. All useful in the job market.


Good for you and I hope the degree will serve you well. A long time coming for you and a lot of hard work.

I had to photocopy+fax my AA to my old pdoc, vocational rehab. They accused me of lying and said I was not college material. The truth is my SZ became much worse after graduation. :angry:

Good luck with your degree. :books:

Well, BakedBeans, you’ve never struck me as an unintelligent person.

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congratulations…i hope your degree opens alot of doors…

Your an inspiration Nick. Good for you for not giving up. All those qualities it took to achieve this are indeed useful, not only in the job market, but in life itself. It makes for a well rounded individual.

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Had to leave it behind, the more i knew the worse that college looked.

If only i could have worked, i would have been so happy.

And don’t ask the wrong questions in college, they will boot you in a heart beat, in an institution like that you shut your mouth and do what you are told, ask the wrong questions and you will acquire many many F’s.

But when i get my new body and brain i will study long and with fervor, ill devour knowledge ravenously by then.

“Humanities”, why does that soundest so very evil?

Learning feels good, but I can’t write a paper.

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I went to college for more than 4 years, but because of schizophrenic/bipolar breakdowns , I never graduated. I do however have enough credits - I guess you can say that I have an Associates degree. I admire all you guys that are going to school, and studying with the added pressure of having schizophrenia - more power to you