Online college classes

I’m near the end of my ONE class. I have two more small assignments, a 1000 word term paper, and the final and
then I’m finished. I’m pulling a “B+” so far. But I got some good news. After this class, I need 5 more classes for my degree. I started college in1984!! I need a physical science class as a requirement but thought I would have to attend in person for the lab but my counselor told me a week ago that an online Geography class will take care of that requirement. So now I can finish up my degree online.


Congrats!! If you get your degree online, what type of jobs are you looking into pursuing?

I don’t know yet…

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Very cool Nick… :thumbsup: persistence pays off and your almost done. That is great. I hope that class fill the requirement and then you can be finished.

Congrats, Nick. Very happy for your achievement.

That’s awesome!! I’m doing my degree plan completely online. I like it. In some ways it’s harder to do school online because you need to be disciplined. You don’t have a teacher breathing down your neck. It’s easier for me because it’s all papers. We don’t do exams. What’s your degree going to be in? I’m studying for my BS in computer programming. I love programming but don’t really get into it until next January. I’m a Junior right now and get done in February 2016. Good luck with finishing. :sunny:

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Good going;>…It doesn`t matter how long it takes-time is going to pass no matter what. In the meantime you have done something great with your time. So happy for you

Good for you nick! I need 5 more courses until I finish my degree. Imma take it all online, which I love compared to live courses. I’m going to take 2 courses this summer (Criminology and Hawaiian studies). What are you majoring in?


Nice, i’m majoring in liberal arts (general courses)

They’re both the same, right?

Nope I don’t think so. Liberal arts is like the basic courses history, math, english, electives etc. though we have to take a course in Humanities though. I think your major focuses mainly on Humanities.