A call to action from the schizo comunity

Are any of you aware of the TIs? Some are very bright and common nonsensical, but unfortunately a lot of them are very delusional and the so called organizations herding them together are very cult like and prey on clearly delusional people who would be better off by medication than going to their meetings. There are people in the community who live inside their vehicles, constantly running from the “rays”, which can go on for decades. Or people who destroy their property by ripping out expensive electrical wiring, But none of the other “TIs” talk any sense to them. I have tried, but I am just one guy. The community is riddled with a bunch of nonsense and cartoon logic that is just too laughable to make up.

I think there should be a call to action for schizos to go to their groups and talk some sense to them in a respectful, compassionate way (which I am not very good at). I know I brought this up before, but this can all be done without disclosure of your IP using a VPN.

What is a “TI” ??? I’ve never heard of this.

A targeted individual. They believe they are being attacked by mind control technologies developed by the military, and some of them also believe they are being stalked, which they call gang stalking.

Although my original gut instinct while experiencing seemingly telepathic attacks was that it was paranormal, I too went through a TI phase. In ways I still identify as a TI, but I am now of a radically different paradigm than them. I also embrace psychiatry and think it is part of the solution.

I’ve seen some videos on this that these TIs film themselves. Seems like just a symptom of unmedicated sz.


The funny thing about the TIs is they tend to be older folk, people in their 40s and 50s, which you would not expect from schizophrenia, although according to psychiatry it can happen.

The TI community has changed a lot over the years. It started off having interesting ideas and information, but then it progressed further and further into crazy talk, until it was just a bunch of people you’d expect to find inside a mental asylum.

We have people of all ages in these forums - and schizophrenia lasts life-long for many people - so this is false reasoning.

TIs-sounds like paranoid fantasy. Do “TIs” really think they are that important to be stalked by the government? Sounds like grandiose thinking.


Although you guys may find my thinking merely psychotic, it is an upgrade from how a lot of TIs think. I think if you’re convinced there is something more to it than an illness, it doesn’t mean you can’t move past unclear thinking and delusional ideas. I found looking at it as a psychological operation - as in the voices and mental disturbances being a telepathic manipulation used to deceive me - helped move me out of a hole I was in.

For instance, I stopped blaming my immediate surroundings for how I felt and became less confused about people in general.

Yes - this is a common paranoid delusion. Virtually everyone with paranoid schizophrenia suffers from it.

What evidence do you have that this is an “upgrade from how a lot of TIs think”???

Because for one, I’ll never cut myself open trying to remove an implant (I know people who’ve done this). Should I continue?

Diamon - please check out this thread, you seem to have missed it:

Another example - I’ll never butcher my house by removing the electrical wiring.

Another example - I’ll never try to run from it to the north pole (intentional hyperbole), since according to demonology you cannot run from demons.

Another example - I’ll never put on a tinfoil hat (except last Halloween I did that for fun), although I might pick up a bible and read from psalms (which makes me normal).

Another example - I don’t have core beliefs that no one else believes but people labeled with schizophrenia (millions and millions of normal people believe in demons).

I find myself too neurotic to care for intense delusions these days like gangstalking, chips implanted. Like I don’t care enough. “I don’t have the will to try and fight”, maybe it’s the meds way of working. I used to have more intense delusions. And fought off the chosen one delusion for years even on medication. Reasoning, realizing I don’t have supreme insight and ability is what defeated that delusion. I’m happy I can still care about certain productive things but I feel too much neurosis/lack of creativity in my illness to need a tinfoil hat…not saying I have no creativity though…but sometimes you have to have acertain level of “caring” to maintain certain delusions IMO. The meds help me not care, but not in a bad way.

What I see going on here is strange to me. I’ve read the polls - more of my peers believe in the paranormal than a specific religion. So it is a culturally acceptable belief, but what you guys are saying seems to be some kind of fallacy, because in a nutshell your logic is this: you’re not delusional if you believe in the paranormal, but the moment you have the type of experience that inspired the whole concept of the paranormal in the first place (which is the atheistic world view) and follow your religious faith in believing it indeed has a spiritual element to it - you are then delusional. I aint no rocket scientists, but that just doesn’t sound right.