Back after 6 months


I have been gone 6 months…Learned a lot. I was victim of a TI attack…some of you know what that is. I suppose many say its a delusion or hallucination. Last Dx I had in march said i had a personality disorder! After 3 years of DX saying I was schizoaffective bipolar…

I learned a LOT in the past 6 months, and hoping to reconnect with some old friends here…

by the way, things are not always as they seem at first glance…I read some official statements made last year…strangely all about personal stuff, and some allegedly delusional stuff…I even had changes made against me, that were dismissed…they musta thought cray cray LOL…

Anyways, I’m back…and notice the old forum finally archived and a new one started! Yay…That old one had many problems…but glad to see it still archived.

Oh, this is Emperor btw…post shows my email name…

And I know there is someone here I have discussed the TI issue with before…and Oh man, have I learned a few things…its not all fun and games as I once played it…but thats something I would rather discuss off the record…Amazing some of the things I learned since last year!


Good to have you back, forgive my ignorance but I have no idea what TI is :confused:


i don’t know what it is either??? nice to c u emporer xxx


Time reveals all doesn’t it. Just got to stay on the ride long enough for it to stop.
You give me a label, you give me some lana, whose crazy now?
Project broken a****** got a sudden shutdown due to lack of use…hehehe.
Never know about those crazy ones, they just might be more resilient than you think. Nice to know you.


TI = targeted individual, when someone is targeted by gov mind control using a variety of methods such as RF, ELF or microwave beams, or holographic images.
I don’t mind being a whistleblower without going into too much detail…I actually inadvertently helped develop some of it about 12 years ago…only to see it tested on me by the very ones who used me to obtain and develop the theories into what they could work with…
My wife and I were deep into all this stuff…gov mind control, aliens, UFOs…and it becomes really hard to know when the delusions end and reality begins because some IS truly real…

In fact I can probably say I might have some paranoid delusions, BUT the paranoia is based on real events that have happened most of the time, just I get overly paranoid at times.