A bad night

Night before last I had a bit of an episode. Luckily my dad was understanding and drove me around until it let up because there’s no way I could go home.

These thoughts were bordering on voices. Psychotic depression? But these thoughts were just “the trees are watching” and “Poison!” When I drank something. “It’s gonna blow up” At the gas station. It feels like these thoughts aren’t mine I guess. But they’re not being heard? Like a hallucination? They have a different tone of voice.

I AM a DID system but my alters don’t do that to me so I know it’s not them.

Last night it continued into a jittery anxious mess, dissociated severely, couldn’t think or speak clearly.

Thoughts? Sorry to bother anyone.

This is a bit of a touchy subject for me, as my psychosis always has an element of ‘telepathy’ communication.

But the trees weren’t watching. The stuff you were drinking was OK.

Be sure to tell your doctor.

Ah, in that case, thank you for responding!

Thank you so much. Reality is still kinda shifty for me atm but I’m alright.

I see my psych on wednesday so I’ll let him know. Thanks again!

These thoughts are known as “inserts”. They are common to people with SZ. It is difficult to deal with an oncoming psychosis. You need to talk to someone. Be truthful.

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Are you able to get yourself to A&E this sounds very uncomfortable I hope you feel better

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I go through this all the time, even with meds, the best thing you can do is be near people who understand and wont let you act on these thoughts

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The psych already knows about this, but of course I’ll always be truthful to him in what’s been happening since our last session!

My dad will take me to the hospital at any time if I need it, they have a childrens hospital with a psych ward that I go to even though it’s a ways away. Also my nearest hospital has a holding ward if I need it. Don’t worry! Thank you <3

Also – THank you for letting me know what’s happening!