40% of women with severe mental illness are victims of rape or attempted rape

trigger warning
I personally was sexually assaulted INSIDE the psych wards! TWICE, that got into my bedroom and attempted rape. Nurses? Outside gossiping in their little glass protected room. I had to fight them off myself and yell for help and still nobody even bothered to come check if I was alright. I chased them out and kicked at them until they ran back to their rooms. That was in the mid 2000’s. Reason why I’ve been so good about taking meds now is I don’t want to get sexually assaulted again and I see psych wards as giant institutions of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. I would only recommend hospital if the other option is suicide or some kind of death.

This is in California a “progressive” state.

At least when I’m on the outside I can fight back with a knife, I am too helpless on the inside. Also been raped on the outside by strangers and date raped, too.

I heard that sz’s are way more likely to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators of it. I for one, can contest to that.

When I worked in a residential facility, they taught us a very terrifying statistic. Individuals staying in a 24 hour facility are 80% more likely to be abused than the general population. Especially if they have a condition that would make them appear to be an unreliable reporter.


That is tragic and abhorrent. We need to fix our “reporter credibility” problems, i don’t know how maybe surveillance cameras to help corroborate?

It sickens me. Rape crisis should be taught to the techs and nurses that work on the ward. :broken_heart:

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At my facility, we treated every report very seriously. We were all specially trained in how to deal with suspected abuse, and how to spot signs of abuse in case the person was unable or unwilling to report it themselves. I wish every place was like this.


Men get raped too. More than you would guess.


Hope my question didn’t come off worse than this sounded, never meant that.
I just meant that I wondered if the women were raped because of their MI made them seem “less reportable”, or if the rape and trauma (from others, including after the rape), caused what’s commonly known as “mental illness?”

@HQuinn, same here, although by the time I did get someones attention, the guy already had stripped off his clothes and was laying up against me in my bed in my room, and the one nurse started yelling at me, saying why didn’t I say something?
uh, I did.
Oh, we didn’t hear you, why didn’t you come to the front desk?
uh, he wouldn’t let me go.
Well, next time yell louder she said…
uh, there’s going to be a next time??


Then there are the rest of us, who suffered in silence all these years, and you know why?
Because of attitudes just like that.


I heard of one case where the tech did the raping.

Happened in my room, to my room mate, not me, but she was more than a willing participant, she dragged him in, he wasn’t protesting too much just to clarify.
He asked her what about me- in bed 2 feet away from them, and she replied, it’s okay, she don’t talk. …(but I wasn’t blind or deaf!)…jeez.

That’s the only thing that hasn’t happened to me, i’m just not hot enough to rape.

I’ve been burned, shocked, cut in my sleep, accosted physically by ghosts, possessed, choked, stolen from, locked up for nothing, knives held to my throat, had my car stolen, i was exiled, attempted murder by both people and ghosts, i’ve been kidnapped, an attempted kidnap a different time, forced into being poor, check mated by the cruel repeatedly, booted out, homeless twice, almost lost my eye from infection.

But, never raped, nobody wants to ■■■■ me i guess.

And oh yeah, poisoned to.

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They asked me what I used for birth control at the hospital one time,
and I answered:

“His Personality.”

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Apparently I was molested as a child. I don’t re-call anything, but I was told this by my parents on a few separate occasions. We never talk about it, I don’t know who it was or how old I was. Either I was too young to remember or I blacked it out subconsciously from my memory. I don’t ask about it because part of me never wants to remember anything about it. I tell myself it doesn’t affect me because I have no recollection of it. I always wonder if it has something to do with my MI. I am a male btw.

This is absolutely despicable. Mentally ill women don’t deserve this. What’s even sicker is that they are not able to defend themselves because their thought process is not good. Definitely a wake up call, what are mental health caregivers going to do about this? That is the question.


This attitude is exactly why only 3% of rape cases result in a conviction. It is called “victim blaming.” To be clear, a woman is never asking to be raped. If a woman is “taunting” a man, the proper response for that man would be to walk away, not to force himself on her to “teach her a lesson.” Women openly embracing their sexuality is not an issue that needs to be addressed. It is a normal part of life, and men should be able to respect that without raping them. There is also the fact that the only reason you think the woman was taunting the men is because that was the defense her rapists used to try to get away with their crimes. Do you really trust the word of admitted rapists over the word of the woman they raped?


Rape is a vicious, cowardly act driven by an attempt to exert power, and one of the reasons these cowards rape women with mental illness is the belief that they can do so with impunity. Too many men turn a blind eye to this cowardly act, and by doing so perpetuate it. This is unacceptable. Men have to send a strong, clear message to men who rape women with mental illness that they will face severe consequences.


This is a highly questionable number… most rape goes unreported.

The 40% of mentally ill women… is probably due to them being under the microscope of professionals and it eventually comes out in those circumstances that they have.

Basically every girl I know has a rape or a pseudo-rape story and I know that all of them have been pressured into sex at one point or another.

Pseudo-rape? Please explain.

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Like one of them lost her virginity because she had a boyfriend and he really just forced her into it. The girl is heart-broke over not having had that happen in a more fulfilling way.

Or another… was in the act of consensual sex and then the dude wanted to do anal. She said no and tried to talk him out out of it and then he just took advantage of the situation and did it any way.

Another had a boyfriend who used forced sex as punishment… one and only once… all existing within a consensual relationship.

Those are three cases of that “gray” area people talk about when referring to rape. None of these were reported. It seems to messy and embarrassing for the women to do anything about it and some of them just hate authority figures in general.

None of those cases are pseudo-rape. They are all rape. Both the legal and the moral definition.


She didn’t want anal sex.He did it anyway. No consent=rape.

What is rape?

Rape is a very serious crime. Rape is when a man forces his ■■■■■ into the vagina, anus or mouth of another person when that person doesn’t want him to do so. The law calls this ‘without consent’.
What about sexual assault?

This is a crime that can be committed by both men and women against other men or women. Different types of sexual assault include:

objects or parts of the body (such as a finger) being put into someone’s vagina or anus when that person didn’t want it to happen
someone being made to sexually stimulate themselves using their hands or fingers (known as masturbation) or putting objects into their vagina or anus when they don’t want to do it
someone being touched in a sexual way that makes him or her feel uncomfortable or frightened (this could be through their clothes - like bottom pinching)

The important bit to remember is that being pressurised or forced to have sex when you don’t want to is a crime.

This information and lots more is provided on the Havens website. Take a look at their page specially designed for young people.