4 days sober

i dont know when the last time i was sober for this many days. but ive been going to na and aa meetings. currently dope sick trying to fight it out. i think i can do it this time around. but the cravings to shoot up are terrible. i found this perfect little medicine so bright it blinds the sun that makes my itches interesting that put the suicide in sexy.


That’s incredible news ! Keep going to the meetings. Get hold of their books and read them too. You can get them online if they don’t have them at the meetings.

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What, methadone? Or H?
Addiction is no joke…we are powerless…i been reading AA book and going to dual diagnosis group. I dont hang around drug users so have no means nor particular desire besides for cigarettes caffeine and alcohol. I drank ten beers and blacked out monday… sigh

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I know that sickness well.

Keep hydrated and try to stay distracted.

Do you have any benzos or anything to take the edge off?

I’m not advocating drug use, I’m just saying I’ve been there and it helps.

In low doses.

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h. i need to go to dual diagnosis groups. im going to multiple meetings a day

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im prescribed klonapin so that helps. my legs are really bothering me

Great news on the klonapin.

I know,

The restless leg thing.

They hurt and bounce around.

Its the worst.

You gotta just let them do their thing and focus up on not puking.

Are you drinking gatorade or something?

Congratulations! I’m so proud of you. You can do this, you are doing this. I wish you all the love in the world.

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You are very brave for doing this. You should be proud of yourself. Paging @77nick77 for more advice, since I have no experience with addiction.

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im drinking powerade and water. i dry heave a lot. being dope sick is playing with my psychosis. i have intense cravings. all i can think about is itching my nose and nodding off

thank you so much. youre right, i can do this

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When I was dope sick I just laid on the bathroom floor with gatorade for pretty much two whole days.

The small dose benzos really help,

I mean, I doubt you’ll get much sleep, but its so much worse without them.

You’re doing good, just keep drinking water and stuff, even if you’re throwing up.

At day four, you’re really at the worst part,

If you can beat this,

Tomorrow will be better.

And every day after that…

thats good to know. do you cough when youre dope sick? im coughing so bad im throwing up

Not that I remember,

But I don’t remember that well,

So, possibly.

A lot of dry heaving though,

The most important part is to stay hydrated.

Have you ever heard of the Thomas Method?

Some people say it helps…


I did something very similar and it helped me.

Heroin is a cough supressant. It was originally used as such back in the thirties. All these littlte housewives ended up addicted to Heroin. It’s a terrible drug but there is an interesting history. Good luck with the detox dude!


thanks man. day 6 of being sober


Are the withdrawal symptoms starting to let up yet?

I’ve been in a couple of those. They help. Do you have a sponsor? You might need someone to come over and hold your hand. You can always sound off here. We’re pulling for you. You have guts.

I’m over the dope sickness. Had to do a hospital stay to get new meds. I just started abilify. 21 days sober