30 day October MFP/Exercise Challenge

I burned 131 calories walking this morning and came in with 170 calories to spare for the day!


8200 steps today and good choices for lunch. Feeling crazy today so I’m glad to be home.

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Had a bad day in general, including diet. Ate junk food and didn’t count calories. Bah humbug.

Do you think you will be ok tomorrow? What kind of diet and exercise plan are you doing?

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Yeah , I’ll be back on track tomorrow. I’m just calorie counting. 2000/day. Thanks!

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My tracking is a disaster. I’m getting at least 10K steps in every day, but that’s it. Life still too busy.


Ran 6mi today, did some sprinting toward the end. Ate around 700 calories so far, plan to eat a few more. Try and drink more water too to fill up the stomach. I’m feeling scatterbrained like I won’t be able to finish my homework and I have quite a bit. Hopefully today and tomorrow are ok, have a quiz tmrw which I might not do well at. My memory is slipping ( stupid schizophrenia).

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You need to feed your brain enough calories to think straight. Are you eating enough? This may be contributing to your memory problems… maybe

I hope you’re going to eat a lot more than 700 calories. If you don’t, it’ll land you in the hospital. :ambulance:

Edit: I’ll be 25 calories over my 2000 limit today. Which is a win.

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At 8,600 steps. Went for an oil change and walked to the gym. Walked 20 minutes reading a magazine then jogged and walked 20 then uped the ramp to 3.0 for five. My mood is a bit better. Feeling rough the last couple if days.
I don’t track my food but I’ve been doing low carb since mid august and now I just know what to eat. Although I had a regular grocery store bagel for breakfast because I wasn’t in the mood to cook eggs and such.
I was the same weight the last 4 days and then up a pound this morning and I barely ate yesterday. Then I weighed after my workout and I was lower. Weird. But I’ll take it.

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I’ve lost 1.1kg in the last week! I’m so happy I’m losing weight! That’s a total of 2kg since I started eating healthy and using MFP.

I bought a fitbit yesterday. I was going to wait to get it for Christmas but they were on sale and pretty cheap so I thought I would use old Christmas money I had been saving up and get it now!

It syncs with MFP. This is going to help me when I get my treadmill from Mum this weekend. She doesn’t use it where she lives so they brought it down in the caravan for me to use!

That means I will be able to exercise every day of the week and twice on the days I go to work, because I don’t want to give up my walk to work in the morning.


I seem to be doing about 2100 calories a day. My target is 2000. I haven’t lost any weight in the last month, but I haven’t gained any either, so I really need to get serious about the 2000 target.

15000 steps today. 10000 at work and 5000 at the gym. Went for a dip too and the hottub. Trying to make this my place a getaway instead of drudgery. A lot of people look good here, I like it.
Bison patty with cheese and salad cup chili with crackers and another salad with chicken.

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I was over my calorie goal yesterday. I ate cake and banana bread and we went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant.

All totally worth it!

I fell off the wagon today. I can’t seem to stick to 2000 calories a day. I’m not putting back on any of the weight I’ve lost though. I weighed myself this morning.

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18000 steps yesterday so I am taking the day off today except for work which was slow and I forgot to wear my fitbit.
Cup chili, oyster crackers 3 pieces bbq chicken salad stuffed mushrooms.

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I ate too much Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. Whoooooooooooooops.

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I’m not using that website yet, but I rode my bike around 10 miles or so today.
I stopped at a brewery, talked to some college student friends and had a craft beer, most likely cancelling out the calories I burned riding to get there - lol

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Took a couple of days off to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with my grandma. This morning walked 1/2 hour and did water aerobics with my aunt. Back at it.

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I’m still behind. Argh.