R1's September Fitness Challenge.....!

Hi folks,

I’m super positive and doing a lot of exercise and it’s helping me heaps. It’s all about eating less…exercising more…It’s a no brainer except if your schizophrenic.

Simple rules. If your neighbourhood is good then walk briskly ( as fast as you can do ) for 30 minutes three times a week.

Take your meds same time every day. It doesn’t have to be anal…just about the same time everyday…

Report any positive benefits…even slight ones…after a month!

I’m doing way more but it’s all about degrees…just do what you can and let’s see how you go!

I think exercise recently has helped me lots…I’d like to see others do better too!


@rogueone I started off walking as well and built up to a jog. I did my 30 minute cardio every 2nd day so that works out to 3-4 days a week alternating every week. it’s best if you can record your progress and see your improvement like I did here: