3 positives!🌷

  1. I just had a Dr. Pepper and Lays barbecue chips.
  2. It’s supposed to be dangerously :hot_face: hot today. That’s good :+1: for cancer.
  3. I didn’t get kicked out of a homeless shelter yet.

Shared a vegetarian pizza with my boyfriend and my brother was nice to us.

Had a bubble bath.

People where I bought pizza n drinks were nice.appreciate that.:slightly_smiling_face::pray:t4:
Walking down street is usually another story n god knows why ……
Because I don’t.
I suspect someone spread lies and or incited hate on me n bully vibed me etc with all of them against me alone.

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Hey @SacredNeigh7 what do you mean by bully vibed… like their staunching you?

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Giving off hostile hateful vibes and “walking all over me “ etc

Heaps of room on foot path n they always walk “at and over me” invading space .

Excluding but pretending to include.

Hating n being horrible bullies but pretending they are nice.

Pretending to be neutral when they are not etc


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Like fake people! ??

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Yeah they kinda are that too but mostly they are arrogant, stuck up , disrespectful haters and bullies.

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Yeah I think society is just awful, if you got to know them they would be alright but they are just curious/judging a book by its cover, that’s the reason I can think of.

For me something happens every second day, some one stares at me for no reason, someone coughs for no reason sometimes multi coughs (bully vibes, as you say), someone bumps in to me… I’ve just gotta show my self self love cause the other reason is psychotic!

Edit: I talk to my pdocs about it and they call it anxiety, paranoia, etc, but it’s people trying to get a reaction from me, cause as you say bully vibes lol (can’t do nothing but laugh at how sad it is)

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Had breakfast
Cleaned and tidied the flat
Went gym


Being in the skies
Return from the star
Sun guides me