Anyone here on olanzapine?

Whats your experience? Any side effects?

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I been on it years ago but i dont think it is effective and have not any side effects

Was the last AP I was on that I tried for 6 months
About 3 months ago

Weight gain- gained 65 pounds,
Didn’t really do anything for symptoms
Kind of helped with my mood, knocked me back a notch,
Not too many side effects I can remember (besides weight gain) - sedated me a little bit I guess.

Everyone’s results are different though

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I am. I gained 60lb on 20mg. Now I’m on 10mg and I haven’t gained much more weight but I haven’t lost any either. Otherwise I’m satisfied with it.

Yes. 10 mgs wafer. Been on it well over a decade at the same dose. Does really well for my brain! I gained most of my weight on risperdal but if you go onto zyprexa you need to exercise and watch what you eat.

I still get the odd breakthroughs but it’s as low as I can go and it’s a balancing act I seem to be winning! Really not much to go on so give it a go!

It seemed calming and sedative and I think the only sideeffect it had was that I gained 23kg.

I think it was a good medication for me apart from that.

Oh and also had some APs that I hated and this one wasn’t that bad on me even though didn’t really fix positive symptoms , but didn’t really deal with negative effects from it.

It gives me the least side effects of any that I’ve tried but I’m not sure that it helps that much either.

I’m on a 10 mg because 20 mg caused problems with akathisia. I’ve been on it a month, switching from seroquel. So far it is keeping my hallucinations from being harmful. I just have restlessness in general as a side effect.

I take 7.5mg every night.

i took it for a while,
it made my head all empty, really hard to think, felt stupid,
that, and i put on weight, was always hungry
slept like twenty hours a day also

It is the first ap I was on. I put on about 16kg, was hungry all the time, slept a lot and had some trouble focusing on tasks. It worked really well for my positive symptoms though and brought me back from the brink. I started on 20mg and eventually came down to 5mg, this took several years. A solid 7/10 from me, would take again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I took Zyprexa two different times this year, each time I gained weight even with metformin with it. I was only on 10mg, it did really well for my symptoms, I just hated the weight gain.

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take it as a second med along with amisulpride
dose 5mg at night.
picked up weight a bit otherwise its ok


Good med, works for me. 20mg for 15 years. Gained 25 lbs in those years, not too bad. Paired with depakote, I’m happy as carl clam.

Now I take 60mg olanzapine along with two other meds. I have erectile dysfunction

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