2 cups of coffee and I can't clear my head

sometimes I feel I don’t get the luxury of sleepingoh well the brain probably work overtime if I did. so what about you r you Sparky this morning

I am always super tired in the morning. I try not to drive anywhere until as late as possible. I have coffee every morning. I have to wake up at 7 to send my son to school and the same for summer camp. It’s a day camp so I have to wake up early every day to send him to camp. After that I should be able to sleep in. Yay! If you can’t sleep, I am on seroquel and it is great for sleep. Also watch caffeine late in the day. Dim the lights close to bedtime. Talk to your doctor about melatonin, and if you take it make sure not to turn on anything with a screen before bed. It will destroy melatonin. Unwind before bed. If you are up cleaning the house til the last minute it will take you forever to get to sleep.