Does anybody else get tired during the middle of the afternoon?

Everyday, around this time, I get super tired and have to take a nap. It always happens suddenly. And then I stay up too late and feel the same way with a side of depression. What can I do about it?

I have the same thing. I’m fighting not to nap, so I can sleep at night.


You could try taking your meds at a different time. I experimented with that and abilify, and found taking it in the morning was better than taking it at night eventually.

I get injections. I don’t take pills so I can save my liver.

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I’m the same. I’m good for the first few hours of the day, then at some point from about 3:30-6pm, I just shut down. My brain just says, “I’m done!” :disappointed:
I read somewhere that you actually should nap, but no more than about 20-30min. If you go go longer, then that’s what really ■■■■■ up your sleep. I haven’t tried it yet, though.


I’ll try that. Finally get to use the alarm on my tablet for something. It has such nice bells for an alarm sound. Thanks by the way.

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You’re very welcome. :vulcan:

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I use to have brain crashes in the middle of the day / afternoon and then I started taking my Med’s at night now I don’t have them anymore.

I have this, too. It was really bad in October/November; I eventually needed a med adjustment.

My pdoc/therapist suggested that I start leaving the house at that time so that I couldn’t fall asleep. I was never able to get into the habit of doing that, but I’m passing it along anyway just in case it helps you.

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Hey guys, this sounds like a typical crash from caffeine. I get the same thing unless I have some green tea in the mid morning. It’s probably the morning coffee you may be drinking leaving the body in the afternoon.

I am having some green tea right now, it’s 2:50PM. I have to stay out a bit late tonight. Otherwise I don’t drink caffeine after noon.

I actually stopped drinking coffee a long time ago. Once in awhile I will have a coke with dinner. I used to think it was the same thing but it just kept happening every day without change.

My brother has required these mid day naps for years. I believe it’s due to the tranquilizers that are a necessary catalyst for the meds to work. Also taking a nap in the middle of the day causes his body to use and need less of his meds. So it helps get him through. It’s as important to him as taking his meds. If he doesn’t take a nap, then his body needs more help than he’s getting and he crashes.

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I’m a morning person big time. I’ve discovered that if I take my evening med’s earlier than usual sometimes I can fall asleep earlier.

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I take clozapine, risperdone, and zoloft, the morning combo makes me sleepy 1-2 hours in. I often take a nap or just lie awake for .5-1 hour as I am zonked.