10000mg vitamin C and 3000mg Niacin

Has anyone tried like 10000mg Vitamin C daily and 3000mg Niacin daily as per Abram Hoffer?

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Yeah I tried it. I waited a long time to feel better, but I’m doing well some forty years later.



How long would you say it took for symptoms to ease, Jay?

It is hard for me to know what causes what. For example, I’ve had the same group praying for me for greater than 40 years.

I read anecdotes about the occasional sick person who gets wildly changed by Megavitamin therapy. But for me it has been a gradual process.


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I tried it. It didn’t work. 3000mg of niacin will screw up your liver too. Niacin has no antipsychotic properties. I was off meds for 2 years and using niacin. I just ended up psychotic in the hospital.

Did it work ?
Im about to try it out be great to hear your expierence.

I took 5 grams of niacin for like 3 years. I was 1000% convinced this would cure me of psychosis. I would have several episodes throughout those years. It’s odd cuz when I went off it I ended up in more severe psychosis. I was probably in some form of psychosis for most of that time.

One day I couldn’t stomach it anymore. Literally my stomach couldn’t handle it.
So I gave it up.

My symptoms came back off and on and now 2 years later I don’t hear voices anymore. But I think thats due to me working obssessively hard at changing my behavior and the way I perceive the world.

So I’d conclude it helped in the sense I needed that hope of believing that something could help me and just held on through those years. But I have my doubts the niacin did much for my brain.

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The Hoffer Method has been completely discredited. Locking.