Zyprexa weight question


Just wondering if zyprexa’s weight gain is dependent on dosage? Would someone gain weight on a small dosage such as 5mg or is it just a weight gain no matter what dosage you’re on? Would love to hear your experiences with zyprexa weight gain and dosages.



I’m on zyprexa and not that high of a dose and I gained a lot of weight!!!


I’d say it’s pretty independant of dose. I’ve actually lost and maintained on zyprexa. I gained most of my weight on risperdal. We are all different but it’s important to watch your diet and to exercise if possible!


You need to keep in mind that the same med can affect people differently. Personally, I gained 60 lbs in 120 days on Zyprexa. I craved sugar, and I wanted to sleep a lot. It might or might not affect you that way.


I gained 60 as well!!! In about the same time


I took zyprexa for two years. 10 mg every day. Got fat 94 kg and im a woman. The stores didnt have clothes for my size.

I asked my doc not to prescribe 10 mg but 5 mg. I stared taking 5 mg one day and 10 mg the other day. At some point i even cut the 5 mg pill into two halves. Cause i wanted to take 7.5 mg. Lost all the extra weight and did not get sick.


I will never take Zyprexa ever again. I was on a high but normal dose and I gained 55 lbs. on it. I was like a literal eating machine. I couldn’t stop eating candy bars and just about everything else. I had zero control.


Gained 90 pounds . on for 1year, but the noises in my head became louder. Got on lattuda , but the side effects were insanely painfully.


I used to be on 15 mg of zyprexa, and I gained over 50 pounds in a year. I don’t know if the dosage affects the chances or intensity of weight gain, but I wouldn’t recommend zyprexa to anyone who doesn’t want to gain weight.

Also, happy cake day!


Yes and no. On higher dose you will gain more weight, on lower dosages you will still put on weight, not just really quickly. I’m only on 2.5mg and I’ve gained weight and lost some of it with exercise and diet. I still need to diet to maintain.


I never gained weight on Zyprexa. But I did on clozaril


I’m like @rogueone, I don’t gain weight on ziprexa but do on risperdahl. I take 5 mg. ziprexa.


I was on 20mg for two years and put on 30kilos


You gain weight depends of what you eat and move after


I have been on zyprexa in the past and eating little i didnt gain weight


5 stone I lost and then put it all back on…


I lost a lot of weight when I was pregnant with my son bc I had gestational diabetes but after he was born I put it back on and then some.


I’ve gained like 30lb in less than two months being on Zyprexa. I gotta stop binge eating so much but everything tastes so good.


Keep in mind 5mg of olanzapine is not a therapeutic dose. You’d have to be short and naturally small frame to get that dose. Most people are 7.5 or 10mg a day. I’m on 15 now… 5’10" or so and am of average frame.


My metabolism shifted while I was on it so I gained a whole lot of weight at once and got stretch marks because of it. Not sure what dose it was though.