Zyprexa weight question


According to my doctor, 5mg is a therapeutic dose. Did fine for few months with only 200 quetiapine but then started to hear voices more often and more “real” than usual. 5mg seems enough for me. It is also strange that the voices seems to have mostly stopped and i have not been taking it more than like few weeks. I still hear some voices but really silent and they do not bother me. I did hear those while taking larger doses of anti-psychotics, so i am not worried.


Damn and I was happy on 5mg…thinking I need to talk to my doc. And that was before gaining too much weight and before antidepressants. If anybody else knows more about 5mg being a valid dose please pm me.


I take 20mg and gained 30lb in less than 3 months. I ate a lot at the hospital and I’ve been feeling better which means cooking and then eating more. Everything tastes so good now.


I gained 90 pounds in a year taking 10 mg of Zyprexa when it first came out. It made me want to eat sugar straight from the bag and made me hungrier than prednisone.

A now defunct forum used to sell t-shirts that said “The Zyprexa Made Me Eat It.” Very true.


Would y’all consider switching to Latuda and Geodon helpful for losing weight?


It’s most likely going to increase with increased d


I’ve been taking 5 mg. ziprexa for years with no weight gain.