Anybody else not gain weight on Zyprexa?

I’m weight neutral on it, am I an oddity!?


Yes probably because xyprexa most likely gain weight drug on the market.

might be…!!!
I gain 15 kg on 5mg Zyprexa…!!!

OMG :flushed: I need a body transplant

I was on Zyprexa for a short while and I did not gain weight on it.

Not everyone gains a lot of weight on Zyprexa but unfortunately too many people develop diabetes on Zyprexa and many people do gain weight, sometimes in massive amounts.

It is still a very effective AP for lots of people.
I liked the anti anxiety effects I got from it.

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I gained a lot of weight and got diabetes on it. It was good for the positive symptoms.

I gained a little weight on it but not much. I’m kind of skinny and I’m trying to gain more.

I gained 45 pounds on it. Not liking the way i look at the moment.

@san_pedro Might know about it…he’s also on Zyprexa…!!!

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Probably because you exercise

I work 20 hours a week and get a small amount of exercise.

I gained around 45 pounds while I was taking 15-20mg of Zyprexa. Now I’m taking just 5mg of Zyprexa and 15mg of Aristab (aripiprazole), and I’m not gaining weight anymore.

Just wait, for me the weight gain set in over time.

Since u r active, i think there’s an interaction between negative symptoms and aps. For me being chronically stir-crazy and zyprexa made me gain 50 lbs in 1 year. But for u maybe u have distractions that keep ur mind off of food. There are no weight-neutral aps imo

I do smoke, I think if I didn’t I would probably be putting on more weight.

I gaines 30 kilos on Zyprexa but I am really passive. the first time I was put on it I didn’t pay attention on the weight, I regret it now :confused:

Definetly. It’s smoking more that helped me lose that 50 lbs +10 more. But the majority of szs smoke and yet still are overweight

I’m on zyprexa 5mg, an I am weight nutural. I don’t crave food, an I eat normal amounts. I exercise every day.

I gained most weight on rispedal. Zyprexa was too much good eating and too much mid strength beer. No one but myself to blame for that!

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Rogue sup my man …!!! Which med are u on…!!!