Zyprexa 5mg

No, not exactly. Thing is they started me off on 20mg and then I gradually went down to 5 mg. One thing I do know is that less than 3.75mg is a innefective dose for me, because then I am unable to sleep. 3.75 is a bit of a gamble too. 5mg is the lowest dose required for proper sleep in my experience.

If you started on 5mg it might take a couple of weeks before the drugs builds up in your system, so hopefully you will find out as you go along.

I started using a combo of hops, lemon balm and valerian root to combat the restlessness in the daytime, it seems to make a noticable difference. But be aware that valerian root seems to crash with zyprexa if you take it at the same time, so taking it in the morning might be the best option.

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Thanks a mill for that. Yes it takes time I suppose for the drug to build up in my system. Hopefully it will help my depression too, along with the vitamins etc…

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