10mg zyprexa

Hi I seen my pdoc today. She increased the zyprexa to 10mg. I told her I feel so down with no motivation or interest in anything. She said lithium would only be an option if zyprexa doesn’t help.

I’m on so much medication that I dont know whether I’m coming or going. 10mg is a therapeutic dose she told me and is hopeful it will kick in and recharge my dead battery.

Anyone here on 10mg zyprexa. Does it help you. I have treatment resistant depression so I’m scared nothing is going to work. I’m taking 10mg abilify, 300mg lyrica and 300mg effexor, I space out the dose of lyrica to 100mg three times daily.

Surely the zyprexa will work, all I want is to get moving forward to enjoy life and do things, simple things.

Just thought I would update you. I hate taking so many meds because it’s very deflating taking them and no change in my symptoms.

I’m due for a brain scan soon, haven’t heard yet when but should be soon enough. I’m just not sure my illness is all psychiatric. I feel it could be part neurological as well. I dont know why I keep thinking this! My pdoc says stop thinking its neurological because I saw so many neurologists that said it’s not MS or any other neurological disorder that I’m thinking wrongly. I cant shift the thought its neurological because of my symptoms.

Somataform disorder anxiety and depression are my diagnosis. I feel theres something else wrong. One pdoc told me I am hypochondriac. I’m not, I dont think, but maybe I’m delusional as well and have to trust what my pdoc is telling me, that all my symptoms are psychological.


When I was on Zyprexa and Prozac I wasn’t depressed.

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Thanks. I dont think my meds are for depression either. Not sure other than somataform disorder they are being prescribed for.

Thing is I’ve treatment resistant depression my pdoc said so maybe that’s why the meds I’m on are being prescribed.

I was on Zyprexa 10mg and it made me a bit zoned out and I found it hard to think, but it was a lot better than having sz symptoms and was a lot better than the 15mg and 20mg I was on before. I would have stayed on it but it gave me high triglycerides.

I’m not a pdoc, but if your symptoms come down on 10mg there is a chance they will stop the other meds or lower them which may help greatly.

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I don’t see how zyprexa 10mg is going to help you with motivation. For me it does the opposite. The higher dose of zyprexa I take the less motivated and aphatetic I get. It’s hard work getting out of a chair on high doses if you get my meaning. The only good thing I can say about it is that it has made me flat and aphatetic, but never depressed or suicidal.

But if they are planning on lowering some of your other medications then maybe it will be helpful at the bottom line.

I would try to incorporate as many natural anti-depressants as you can into your diet and lifestyle. Like vitamin C and D, one or two adaptogenic herbs like for example rhodiola rosea and holy basil. Drink a fruit juice to breakfast every day for energy like pine apple or pomegranate, but avoid citrus juices because they clash with zyprexa. Try to stick to fruit and veggies, whole grain pasta, brown rice etcetera. Junk food will make you depressed if you eat it regularly.

Dark chocolate 70% or more is good for promoting positive mood. 100% raw cocoa powder is the best option. I use a tablespoon of it as a ingredient in my cereal every day. Just balance it out with something sweet like raisins or coconut flakes and it tastes allright or something like almond or chocolate milk which has sugars.


Hi thanks for your reply. Started 10mg last night. Will take a few weeks to kick in I guess.

I’m hopeful my other meds will be reduced if zyprexa works. At the moment my pdoc doesn’t want to take me off my other meds. She doesn’t want to mess around with them. Probably incase I get withdrawals:( Hopefully things will start to improve soon for me.

Hi, glad you incorporate natural ingredients and vitamins in your diet. Me I’m a bit lazy to be honest with you. I dont look after myself properly. I do take vitamin d prescribed once a month and am going to get my vitamin B12 injection on Thursday. Will try to eat more healthy once I’m back on track.

I’m being prescribed zyprexa as an add on booster medication with my antidepressant. My pdoc said I need something to kick start me, just to get me moving and doing things. I think it should help in that aspect hopefully. She referred to a me as kick starting a dead battery:)

I’ve been in a bad way these past two years in particular. I definitely need help medication wise, but also have to push myself too, like motivating myself to do things, so its 50/50. A lot of work I must do to help myself.

Will definitely try some of the things you suggested. Thanks for that, appreciate it.

I’m hopeful zyprexa will do the trick at 10mg. It will take few weeks or longer to kick in, so for now my pdoc hasn’t reduced any of my other meds. I’d say she will once she sees an improvement in me. It’s not good taking so many meds, but different psychiatrists prescribed different meds so I have to be weaned off gradually I guess.

All the best and thanks for the tips on diet.

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