What dose of Zyprexa do you take?


I just started the changeover from Haldol to Zyprexa last night. I’ll be at 5 mg for ten days and then I go to 10 mg before my next pdoc appointment on April 10.

I’m wondering what dose of Zyprexa people take as a maintenance dose, and whether it’ll be possible for me to stay at 10 mg instead of increasing again to 15 or 20 mg like my pdoc is expecting. Obviously I want to stay on the minimum effective dose.


That med didn’t work for me but it’s been so long ago I don’t remember how much I was taking.

Hopefully you get good results on a low dose.


Yea I think as long as u get good results on those doses I don’t see why you would need to increase it.
Good luck, best wishes


Im on 20mg but want to go down to 5mg but the more i had the fewer symtoms but to bad akatishia


10mgs zydis wafer. Apparently dissolving it in your mouth helps absorb it into your bloodstream rather than your stomach. It’s to help fight weight gain. Not sure whether it makes a difference but I am slowly losing weight.


I used to take 5mg in October. Now I need to take 30mg after some setbacks. At some point I want to take less again.


Thanks for the replies. sounds like a variety of doses out there, so I need to just wait it out and see.


60mg zyprexa 666!999


I take 10mg zyprexa along with 400mg amisulpride. It acts as my mood stabiliser / antidepressant


Zyprexa 20 mg a day and Gabbapentin (Neurontin) 300 mg twice a day. I have had greatly excessive sleep and napping for 18 months and my doctor refuses to lower either med.


Zero. Never again. A certain poster would rail against typical APs any chance they got, no matter how remotely disconnected. I could be that person railing against Zyprexa. Should be taken off the market. Probably will be in 50 years when they look at it and say “Why did we give people this shite that causes more problems than it solves?”


@Here4You I’m sorry you can’t come down on your doses. I know how it feels to be an antipsychotic zombie after five years on Haldol 30 mg.

@alien99 I’m sorry you had such a bad experience on Zyprexa! So far it’s been a blessing for me. No voices even though I’m coming down off my Haldol. I haven’t had a single panic attack since starting Zyprexa, which is HUGE for me. And it’s absolutely killing my appetite, I have to force myself to eat, so I can easily stay within the 1200 calorie range and hopefully lose my Geodon weight.

The only negative so far is wicked insomnia. The first two nights, I had to take two klonopin at 2 a.m. to finally get some sleep (I’m allowed three klonopin a day). Last night, I got zero sleep. I am making a commitment to get up at 8:15 a.m. every day to get the Zyprexa into my system way before bedtime. I can always go back to bed if I want once the morning meds are taken. I was expecting sedation like Here4You is experiencing, but I’m getting the total opposite. I don’t want to ask for a sleep med just yet, I’m hoping it’ll even out over time. This is only Day 4 so I have plenty of time to adjust, and I’m not even on 10 mg yet.