ZMAGal’s health and fitness thread

I got no sleep last night, but I’m still going to try to go with my husband to the gym. I had old fashioned oats for breakfast which gave me a little energy.

What’s your goal for today?


Celebrating the 73.65kg reading this morning.

5 months and 5.5kg lost. slow and steady wins the race. :turtle:


Great job @labratmat ! How did you do it?


13-1400 daily calorie intake in the form of Huel shakes.

I did yoga for a month too.


Wow. I started with just calorie deficits too. Then I added cardio. After losing 100 pounds I added weight training. I didn’t have the energy to do it all before


If I eat anything over 1500 calories I gain weight.

I have written down my daily weight for months. It is really slow weight loss but i didn’t have that much to lose in the first place this time.

I have a BMI of 26.1 today.


Good job! I gain weight at 1600 calories.


nice thread! currently I am only doing isometrics in my arms and legs to gain strength…I am such a poorly motivated person to work out…hate sweating.


I was on vacation recently and ate like a pig!
Now that I’m back home I’m getting back on track with my low carb diet.
Also my weight loss doctor raised my Ozempic dose to 2mg.

Hopefully this dose will give me better appetite control


That’s still good. You’re trying your best. I couldn’t do weights at all before. I did the lightest weight on each machine and managed very few reps. I became so weak. But I’m doing better after losing weight and switching to the shot. So don’t feel bad. I know how hard it is


Had some oats and fruit today as well…since i switched to eating more oats and less pasta the weights been going down steadily again thank God lol felt like was stuck in limbo for like 4 days.

Runing on low sleep too lol. Nothing an energy drink can’t fix :smile:


I hope it helps. I opted to diet without meds. At first it was super hard because I was so hungry. But after about a month of 1200 calories per day my stomach shrank and even though I get hungry, it’s not as bad. Yesterday, I had too many calories. I went for a second helping of my tuna casserole. I’ll try to be better today

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Thanks @CoCo 15555555

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Today is my 10th day of cleaning. I have the wears to wash. The clothes to spin dry again and hang inside. I put them outside to dry but the rains came. Dinner to make. Then neaten up the place.


Wow! You cleaned 10 days in a row? Great job!

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I cheated on my diet today. I had chinese food even though I had subway an hour before it and I wasnt hungry. I feel super guilty. Tomorrow is a new day and I wont cheat tomorrow.


I managed to exercise half a hour to my dance video but I can’t move my hips and belly like the girls in the video do so I’m not really moving around that much and I sometimes feel a bit simple when I’m doing it as if the moves are challenging me.

I do one hour pump class two times a week and half hour dance three times a week.

Been doing this for six weeks but only results so far is better mood.

I’m disappointed I haven’t lost weight or fat and toned up.

I’ve been eating less too.

If I eat less than now I’ll be unhealthy n malnutritioned.

I don’t know what else I can do to lose weight.

I guess keep going but a touch discouraging when I don’t see physical results.

I don’t think I can get myself to exercise more than now and I can’t eat less so I’ll just keep at it.


My brother does a diet from a nutritionist and she gives him the weekend as cheat days.


Sorry youre not getting any sleep that is a miserable feeling

I usually walk one mile on the track every day and lift weights every other day during the week

On the weekend i dont excercise


Yup! Don’t beat yourself up! Good luck tomorrow :slight_smile: