Ziprasidone (Geodon, Zeldox) Insomnia

Hi all, I’ve been on Zeldox for over a year now. I initially started with 40 mg in the morning and night but would get sleepy midday. We switched to 80 mg at night and that worked quite well. It used to make me sleepy within a few hours which was a bonus. However, recently I’ve had real trouble sleeping and waking up every hour at night. Last week I also started taking 50 mg of seroquel and that helped for a few nights but has no effect anymore. My doctor has suggested switching to risperidone which I have tried in the past. Unfortunately I recall it made me somewhat hazy in my thoughts. I’ve read that others have had the same problems with some people reporting insomnia for many years after going off of Zeldox. I’m really worried about having a long term problem with insomnia. I’d like to hear from people with similar experiences and if anybody has recovered from this.