Zinc and Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Symptoms

Apparently there’s a link between zinc and schizophrenia, why did my doctor never tell me this
I hate the medical establishment with a burning passion.
These people will prescribe you whatever, most of the time making you worse than before, but don’t look in other areas.
Zinc has greatly reduced my auditory hallucinations since I started supplementing with it.
If you know any other supplements that have helped you and your symptoms feel free to mention them.
Also, my diagnosis is schizoaffective. I’ve been diagnosed with many other things in the past so if you want to know more about me then ask any question that pops in your head.


With that attitude,

You’re not going to get better.

Not with zinc and supplements.

We all go through the phase of hating meds,

But they’re always better than the alternative.

Being completely unstable.

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Not sure what you mean, I’m doing much better than when I wasn’t taking zinc.
I also take medication which hasn’t done much.

I’m just saying hating the establishment isn’t doing you any favors.

You kind of just have to go with it when you’re ill.

I’m glad you feel better taking the zinc,

But I’m sure it wouldn’t hold up well alone/without the meds.

Don’t stop your meds, Zinc alone will surely deceive you and put you in danger. Refusing treatment is part of the schizophrenia, I went to court for that, I learned it the hard way with a forced stay in mental hospital for 4 months.

Also, how would zinc be deceiving me? Have you took the time to actually google, “zinc schizophrenia”?

I’m not taking zinc alone, I take a wide array of supplements

Zinc is not 100% proved to stop sz unlike meds.
Drs would have prescribed it if it really worked.
A couple of small studies mean nothing in science, meds are proved with millions of very large studies (Very high number of participants).

So medication is guaranteed to help with my symptoms 100% of the time? What if the medication doesn’t work. What if you tried many different medications and none of them work. Also, why is it that I’ve been taking this medication for around a year now and it did not help with my symptoms, yet when I started supplementing with zinc, after about a month, my auditory hallucinations greatly decreased? How long do you really think it takes for medication to start affecting you? I’m sure it does not take longer than 3 months. What makes you think doctors aren’t willing to take the easy way out and prescribe medication? Nutrition can play a big role in schizophrenia but it’s difficult to address properly.

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Meds are way more powerful than supplements and food, don’t get scammed by bad marketing. You’re only wasting time, money and may have dangerous side effects and interactions with meds. Yes meds are 100% proved to improve the positive symptoms. If you’re having delusions or hallucinations, try Risperdal, if it doesn’t work try Clozapine.

Anyways, tell your symptoms to your psychiatrist and stop doing the Dr, it could be dangerous, as you didn’t study medschool and psychiatry. You wouldn’t be posting here coherently if your meds weren’t working.

The success rate is 100% with medication? Feel free to back that up with actual stats. You are not posting coherently. I find it very disrespectful for you to try to police my behavior with your assumptions.

I understand what placeholder is saying…the medical establishment just wants to give medication they don’t want to tell you about all the other vitamins and supplements that are gonna help, they don’t really want to know themselves and they definitely are not going to research it heavily to help out their patients.

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You realize you are posting this and antimedication stuff on a schizophrenia forum, right? You need to grow up and stop fearing psychiatrists who study medicine for 12 years. Feel free to stop your meds and maybe die but you will get banned here if you encourage others to stop their meds.

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When have I encouraged others to stop taking their medication? Again, you are not posting coherently.

Explain this? :joy:

Placeholder, I find 3,000 mg-5,000 mg of Vitamin C to help with my anxiety and right now I am currently taking 400 iu of Vitamin E and 800 IU of Vitamin D…and it all mostly helps with anxiety and maybe some of the mania of schizoaffective…I cannot say for certain at this time how much Vitamin D and E are helping but they are helping some.

I also take Sarcosine which helps quite a bit but a very low dose.

But dude he says without meds.
Get real, you can’t replace meds with supplements, its dangerous.

It’s OK, you assume things quite a bit, but that means that doctors will prescribe you medication which might not work and give you negative side effects. My intention is to inspire people to look into nutrition.

Look into nutrition but don’t say it can replace meds.

Where did I say without? You’re literally making stuff up.