Zinc and Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Symptoms

But I definitely need the perphenazine but I definitely find Vitamins to incrementally improve my symptoms over time and I agree with you the medical establishment is very lazy at checking vitamins…its like they don’t want to know what vitamins can do for some reason…B-12 can help with mental health too…unfortunately mine is very high now.

What if nutrition helps but medication doesn’t? This topic is for people who are taking medication, or have took many different medications in the past, yet they have not worked for them.

We should be able to talk about medications and supplements…both will help you…the point is to get well…not shove our dogma at people…but I actually agree with you placeholder…the medicsl establishment doesn’t do enough…but I also think your schizoaffective disorder is making you really aggressive right now…peace

Nah, I take noopept too, makes me really angsty. lol

oh…I kind of wish I knew what you are taking…you know quite a bit…you will probably get better faster…but honestly it is a long road…just fyi I ordered sulfurophane…if you want to feel better…definitely make sure you are taking meds but eat vegetables everyday too…they pull toxins out of our brain and system.

It sounds like you had bad experience with meds…I have schizoaffective disorder and perphenazine was almost life changing…all the other meds maybe helped 50% …Seroquel was a joke.

I honestly take zinc and it helps a bit. I’ve taken it for years. It’s does nothing for schizophrenia for me but it does help.

But zinc without medication will sadly get you nowhere.

I had a test for serum zinc and I was fine.

If it works for you thats awesome keep with it

what other meds are u on?

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