You've got to hide your love away

Did we fall victim to someone’s jealousy? What does one do when faced with someone’s obviously painful jealousy?

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I think in many ways my brother holds onto a lot of buried animosity - jealousy towards the added attention my parents gave me when I was not well all these years. He needs a lot of therapy and has already bailed out on 3 therapists in the last year. Its easier for him to blame others for his own inner turmoil. I try to let it go, and I deal with him when he contacts me. I am never going to take his ■■■■ again - this is for sure. I feel sorry for him more than anything else now


@PinCushion I really have no idea what to do when faced with this sort of jealousy. It’s hard to picture anyone of even being jealous of a burnt out surfer, who gardens and lives with his sister and can’t figure out the washing machine.

It really feels like you and I are in the same boat on this. We’re both watching by as more “successful” brothers are headed for a train wreck.

I would like to think I can put my past feelings aside and help him out when that call comes… Because it is coming. He’s behavior is getting more unstable, his drinking is amping up, his wife is scared and having the kids over here more. I’ll be there for my nieces and nephews as much as possible. They are barely 5 and 6. Not their fault. But this brother, (Jacob… the next down) is crumbling.

So Wave, when your brother does hit that low and the crash has happened, what might you do? How might you handle it? Just wondering?

As for me? I’m still at a loss as to how forgiving I’m going to end up being. I would like to think I can be there and help. But I might not be that open and forgiving… don’t know yet.

This is so true in my situation. My brother is headed for a train wreck - you hit it on the nail J.
If he or should I say when he will fall, I will be there for him but I will still be cautious. He has a very controlling and jealous wife who does not want him to get close to me. He needs to fall maybe, and he needs to pick himself up alone really - after all its his mess