YouTube ads are so annoying

Trying to cram for my exam tomorrow and I rely on youtube for missed lectures content. But the ads get you midway through. Fortunatly this forum, as I have learned with posting in the music threads, is a way around it. So I hope you guys dont mind, Im going to post a couple random videos. Their pretty interesting tho, the guy simplifies the material pretty well if your interested on how the kidney works


Do you have an android phone?

If so install the “newpipe” app. Hey presto. No more youtube ads.

No I have an iPhone :frowning:

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I remember loop of Henle and glomerulus etc from physiology classes lol But we didn’t go in depth as you guys in medschool.

You need Adblock.

Adblock gang gang yo.


They need some money to give you free videos, videos consume a lot of memory.
It is not ethical to block safe ads.

What @LevelJ1 said, if you use an adblock on your browser of choice, no ads ever, plus it increases your likelihood 30%.
on mobile I use brave browser in private mode and no ads.


I’m using YouTube premium service (it cost like 3 cups of coffee per month). There are no advertisements with my premium service, and I can download any video I want to be viewed offline.

I bought the service so that I can listen any video I want, while I’m walking somewhere outside. It’s a great way to educate myself. I found it to be very cheap investment, since almost anything can be found on YouTube and downloaded with a premium app.

Anyway, just putting this out here incase anyone else finds the same value I do.


I think its unethical to be bombarded with ads lol. Soooo Imma keep that adblock day and night :smile:

I actually half hope that youtube implodes or that they just scrap it. people need lives, a lot of people get consumed by the constant influx of videos and content.
nowadays the youtubers are forced to make a certain type of video and certain length just to have better odds at getting seen by the algorithm. Its rediculous, its just completely saturated.

You can buy premium if you don’t like ads, yes you can “steal” videos with an adblock, but i don’t know how it is ethical.

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its not stealing. Its entirely up to the user if they wish to see ads or not. Just like its up to the user if they want to watch commercials during a television episode or not. I don’t think it would be stealing if you left the room during commercials? Or during a football game you leave to get some beers during halftime instead of watching the 4 million dollar commercial they paid brad pitt to do.

I also think everyone has a different view on ethical boundaries.

There is also different types of tolerances to ads.

Like for me im on the other end of spectrum where I vehemently oppose ads. It doesn’t matter what service it is, I just hate it lol.

So i’m actually the perfect candidate for adblock because it improves my user experience. I am then actually more likely to use there service instead of hating on the service itself.

Like I use adblock on facebook, 0 ads , 0 news , 0 newsfeed. but… I use their marketplace and whatsapp and other messenger stuff, so they use that data off of me. I’m content with that.

but if i was forced to endure the ads I would delete the whole platform. So then they only lose from a user like myself.

These topics are very interesting actually.

Good luck on your exam @gcar

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