Drinking to forget

Past few months ive being drinking alcohol everynight just to forget about my problems and because im so bord. Does anyone else drink? Im worried about becoming an alcoholic but i cant help my self beer seems to make me sum what happier

I used to drink for those reasons. It didn’t solve anything, and just made me very poor. I was much happier once I committed to therapy and learning coping skills.


I’m an alcoholic. Nearly 6 years sober though. My advice is quit while you still can. Because one day you won’t be able to.


Nothing much else to do tho i know i should stop but cant help it seems to help my sz symptoms ive put weight on tho got beer belly and it costs alot of money i will stop soon i hope


I am 3 and a half months off the sauce. I didn’t think I had a problem but I feel a lot better off it. All of my problems are still there but I am a lot fitter to meet them than when I was drinking every weekend and recovering for half the working week.

Weekend drinking aint so bad i used to do that when normal haha its drinking everyday what am doing and its becoming a big problem

You’re right it costs a lot of coin. I have saved a lot in just three months. Buying a lot of puddings and ice lollies though

Sometimes I live with problems that build up to the point I can’t stand the pressure so I binge drink

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Thats what im dealing with aswell too much stress and pressure so i just get drunk. I said just 4 cans tonight drunk them back to shop bottle of vodka and 4 more cans not good :frowning:

Never a good thing. If you get up in the morning and your thinking of drinking then you have a major problem. It’s not bad to drink moderately. I still have the odd drink when out but I don’t drink to get drunk.

Cut it back. Using any drug as a crutch isn’t good and is not healthy. Be healthy.

Alcohol and cigarettes are gross. @ninjastar it must have taken a lot of strength to give up the booze.

Not for me. Once I addressed my root problems and learned good coping skills, I actually didn’t want to be drunk anymore. I stopped drinking when I started antipsychotics because I didn’t want them to interact badly. Turns out I like the antipsychotics much more than alcohol.


Yes believe it or not anitpsychotics made me puke when I drank alchohol.

I believe it. It’s really dangerous to mix alcohol and psych meds.

I drink every night also. Waiting to see a psychologist. I think nanjastar is right and root problems need to be addressed. I hope I can adress mine. Good luck.

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Well I’ve been sober 20 days now. I’m an alcoholic. I really don’t know what possessed me to drink the last time. I bought an 18 pack of beer, telling myself I’ll make it last three or four days. But this was on Saturday, and I drank all of it except three cans which I drank Sunday. I couldn’t buy anymore because alcohol sales on Sunday are illegal. I mainly have problems drinking on the weekends when I’m alone.

I feel you. I used to drink,but it just shut me down. My brothers friends several times invited me to a party, and after a few drinks they were all happy, but in my case I was again shut down.

But, after taking Zoloft, and again at a party and having a few drinks, I was in heaven. I for the first time in my life was able to converse with the others. My intellect had blossomed. I became the focus of the party.

Sadly, the effectiveness of the Zoloft over time faded away.

But I will never forget it. Food tasted ten times better. I could smell the scent of flowers and pine trees like never before, and my vision of color was so much more extreme.

Boy do I miss those days.

I just drink Wine sometimes.
Helps too.

I’m an alcoholic too. And on this thread I had trouble adding my two cents of support.

But maybe that’s just it; maybe it’s a disorder that gives us less to say and therefore is all the more cunning and powerful for it?

Anyway all I can say is you’re not alone.

Drinking is hard on the liver. Mixing with medication that is metabolized by the liver makes it doubly hard. Please think of your health.