Todays No. 1 of quitting drinking

Drinking at times has been causing me symptoms. I had a few cans yesterday afternoon and I just felt awful most of the day afterwards. I need to stop, I’m not drinking loads like an alcoholic but still it needs to stop.


Wishing you all the best buddy.

Ps are you still on the depixol depot?

Yeah still on depixol, on 80mg now. Thinking about staying on it.

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Cool. Is it noticeably better than 60mg?

I have found that placing restraints on yourself does not work.

Maybe try non alcoholic beer.

It’s hard to tell because my symptoms are mainly caused the day after I drink. I think the amount of time I’m paranoid and delusional has decreased since increasing from 40mg

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Good luck in stopping seriouslydisturbed.

Good luck with it @seriouslydisturbed

Just consider and keep in mind that as a group, people with schizophrenia are more vulnerable to becoming an addict or an alcoholic than most of the general population.

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I sometimes think that drinking the way I drank contributed to my mental illness. If people only knew all the heartache and misery that goes with the word “alcoholic”.

it’s a chemical body thing, not a mind thing. The mind can say, I’m done. the body can’t.

My friend who drinks 35 drinks a day…it’s definitely a mind thing with him.

Good luck! Tough but wise choice :slight_smile:

There’s AA. You get encouragement from fellow sufferers to stop drinking.

I noticed the day after I would drink the symptoms would just be terrible. Demons, voices, etc comin’ at me with full force.

I second, the AA, or any peer and family support you can get.

Also, it helps to hang around people that are straight edge. That way you’ll have positive support and won’t be around people who drink.

Whenever I get an urge, I just drink some mountain dew or really sweet coffee and read something.

Hope this helps, take care.

AA people are always carrying around a water bottle. I think they tell you to do that in AA.

FIlled with vodka?

Not funny. 555555555

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You could save lots of money by doing so n put that money elsewhere such as a massage or holiday…

I used to binge drink.
Not every day nor every week it’s just when I had alcohol it would not stay at a couple drinks but I would lose count n drink redicilois amounts n behave drunk n horrid.
Drank wine bottle empty stomach then spirits…

I quit drinking about five or six years ago.
Not wanting to be like such anymore…

It was good.
Five or six years sober.
Not a drop of alcohol.

Recently a month ago or so I wanted cook casserole with wine in it so bought alcohol n drank the rest of bottle.
Been drinking again last month but only in moderation n only at home.

I loved taste of non alcoholic beer more than taste of alcoholic beer.

Good luck to you anyway.

I’ll join up with this man… drinking leads me to have a lot of difficult days now that I’m working…

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