Your weight while on antipsychotics?

  • I gain weight
  • I lost weight
  • It’s stable

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ITs the same on all aps except geodon where i lost

I gained weight while on Haldol. My weight remained stable on Geodon and Seroquel. Like they say, Geodon is weight neutral.

Respirdal made me gain 8 pounds in 2 months. I weighed 114 from age 13 until 18 when I weighed 120 just cause I took preworkout at age 17 1/2 so I gained 6 pounds. And then stayed at 120 until I am now 22 weighing at 128 pounds. So for me it’s a sudden drastic weight change. Always had issues gaining any weight. But I’m happy for once I’m gaining weight without killing myself working out and taking pre workouts for 6 months just for 6 pounds of muscle.

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I’m stable now while taking 5mg of olanzapine and 20mg of aripiprazole.

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I gained weight on risperdone.

I am on latuda and clozaril now.

I found if I stick to a low calorie high protein diet of 2lb of plain low fat yogurt for dinner and make that my only meal along with veggies like broccoli I lose weight.

It is a struggle, I was 216 at my highest and in a couple weeks I am down to 207.

I was put on an antipsychotic in 1985 and I’ve been on one or another ever since. I very likely would have gained weight over the last 32 years whether on antipsychotics or not, so it’s difficult to determine how much of my weight gain is directly attributable to the antipsychotics.

In 1985 (age 21) I weighed 145 lbs, and now (age 53) I weigh 265 lbs. Am I muscular? Yes, but my muscles are covered by 3 inches of fat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Abilify is the only AP that hasn’t made me gain weight. Invega made me gain 50 pounds!

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I gained 45 pounds on zyprexa. Started out 135 was 180 now i’m back down to 170.

I gained 28 pounds on Risperidone. They cut my dose and I also started on a thyroid med and I have lost 17 pounds. I have 11 pounds to lose before I am back to 122 which is what I weighed when I started on Risperidone. I gained 15 pounds in the first 3 weeks! That stuff is gnarly. I’d really like to get back into my old jeans.

Did you lose weight switching?