Your longest hospital stay if you had any

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If you had any hospital stay, how long was the longest? Was it difficult for you? Were you feeling better when you got out?

I personally had only 1 hospital stay in april-may 2013 but it lasted 7 weeks. It was very long and very difficult. The first 3 weeks, I have been staying all the time in my bed because I was having a lot of symptoms. Despite that, I was chatty and friendly with others. I started taking the antipsychotic at the beginning of the second week. It was the first time in my life that I was taking an antipsychotic. Then I slowly started feeling better.

But like I said, it was really hard because I could not go out and the weekends were very boring and depressing because I was alone. Some other patients could go out during the weekends but not me, not before I was feeling enough well.

When I got out, I was very happy and a new life was starting for me! Just some months after, I was going back to university.


I stayed at hospital for 5 months last year. It was my first admission. I didn’t feel v much better on leaving. I was classified treatment resistant and they wanted to put me on clozapine. But when I left hospital I did gradually get better and today I am fine. I still experience depression/anxiety but psychosis is a distant memory.


I think my longest stay was 14 days.

7 days. At the hospitals I went to that’s when they let you go because that’s when insurance stops paying. Was like that for almost everyone met except for a few that were definitely on longer term stays

From what I understood the hospital charged 3k / day

I can’t remember how much my hospital charged but 3K sounds like a lot. Maybe mine was more like $500/day. But they said they kept me that long (and I think the next time was 11 days) because they were titrating my medication.

Only been in a psych hospital once and only for a couple weeks

My ambulance ride was $750

One month. This website is like a psychiatric ward in which rewards or given for certain achievements (badges).

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I’m very happy about my “Empathetic” award. But I’m easily amused :stuck_out_tongue:


My longest hospital stay was two months. But, I’ve had so many hospitalizations of two week lengths that I literally can’t count them all. I’ve lost count. I can’t remember the names of all of the hospitals either. I usually always was feeling a bit better when I got out. Usually anyway, otherwise they would not have let me out.

I’ve had one hospital stay and it was only about two weeks. But it felt like forever because the guy I shared a room with all but the last two days had stabbed his mother and he threatened to kill me when I moved his pillow off of a couch. Also, I was on respiridol and couldn’t stop moving but didn’t know that is why I couldn’t stop moving.

After I complained about the roommate threatening me they moved me to this other room with a bed that squeaked if I barely breathed. I felt so bad for my new roommate because of the noise. Of course he kept begging me to ask the nurses for pain meds for him. I think it was some kind of trick. OMG I was so happy to get out of there lmao.

I was kept in a private psychiatric hospital for one year - 1987. That was my first hospitalization. They used to keep me in public hospitals for four or five months back in the early nineties. My last stay was for 28 days. The general length of hospital stays has gotten shorter.

Some people have to go in the hospital every time they change meds right? What is the criteria for that?

5 days. It wasn’t too bad. I’ve stayed in a mental hospital twice. Once when i was 17 and again last year when i was 23. I think both were five days.

I’ve been hospitalized dozens of times. Usually for 3 weeks, but my longest was when I was being diagnosed. I was in for 2.5 months, out for 3 days, then back for another month.

I feel very bad that some of you talked about how much you had to pay to be at the hospital. Here in Canada, everything is paid by the government, so there’s no chance you have to leave because you can’t pay anymore or your insurance doesn’t want to pay.

But the problem we are having here is that the quality of the care we are getting is very bad. Some people say here that our health system is like in a third world country in some situations. So sometimes we are not treated quick enough or not at all.

Sometimes I think that it is better to pay and to be treated well and to have care.

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First time was one week in, a week out then 4 months in.

2 months my first time

my first two stays in mental wards lasted about two weeks and then they would figure out that I don’t have insurance and kick me out even though I was still delusional…I luckily finally landed in a state hospital and they don’t release you until you are completely well. I lied on some of the multiple choice test answers and so they let me out still a little bit unstable, but the meds were for sure then so I stabilized about 3 weeks after I was put on mom’s farm.

While I was in the state hospital I felt like a prisoner but that was because of my belief system. Eventually while stabilizing I realized I had been ill.

My longest hospital stay was 6 months, it was horrible because I was floridly psychotic and had been totally neglecting myself for months. When I got out I was stable, but only because I was medicated up to the eyeballs on a mood stabiliser, max dose antipsychotic tablet and max dose ap injection. I spent the next year pretty much lying on the sofa and barely left my house, put on 4 stone in weight, and developed horrible akathisia from the meds. It was one of the worst times of my life. Things are far from perfect, but I am much better than that these days and I hope I never end up like that again.

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