Your longest hospital stay if you had any

What the hell, do I have to pay for oxygen in the us?

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I don’t know, I think eight days. Seven hospitalizations. or eight hospitalizations, seven days. Either way Haldol baby! And prn every six hours on the dot. I’m not sure how but I can tell time really well even without a clock when I’m gonna get some Ativan. You need that ■■■■ when you’re in there.

I recall being on a 5150 (3 day hold), then a 5250, additional 2 week hold, then losing my 5360 additional month(?- memory is rusty on this one -mainly because I got out early)…sooooo, ? probably around 3 weeks.?

In 10years I’ve been involuntarily committed 24 times to 5 different hospitals…thank lack of med compliance for 85% of the visits, at $1000.USD a day…$200./day co-pay for me.

No wonder they just gave up on me.

I’ve only been hospitalized once, for 1 week, MI wise. I probably should’ve taken myself to the hospital multiple times in the past, but hospital stays are too expensive here in the USA. It’s sad to not be able to get or afford needed care when in crisis or psychotic mode.

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My longest stay was May 1981-March 1983. That was my last stay. I left hospital with my future wife. Staff at the hospital said I’d be back in within 6 weeks.

Nowadays hospital stays for people are usually much shorter.

Just over three weeks. It wasn’t bad in terms of service, but I was really ill.

8 months in 1981. It was difficult for sure. The first day I was in there a nurse told me they didn’t help you there. Her exact words were, “This is just a warehouse for the mentally ill”. I was suffering badly there.
I made negligible progress while I was there. I honestly think that I was the same mentally when I left as I was when I got in. I was pretty much a loner the entire time. A few people liked me; two of my roommates liked me.

There were a 100 patients there and we all ate in shifts in a big cafeteria. Except for one time, I literally ate meals alone in a back table for my whole stay. I slept a lot too. Or took walks around the perimeter of the entire hospital. I guess I was luckier than you because I got 15 minutes a day outside by myself. I usually just went into the store across the street and bought candy. But after about four months I earned privileges to have weekend passes to spend with my family. I was miserable but there were a few bright spots while I was there.

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I feal compassion for everybody who had a longer hospital stay than mine (7 weeks) and who had many hospital stays. You are very courageous and persevering.


My longest stay was 30 days. The others were all about 10 I believe.

Been in hospital seven times. Longest stay was five weeks but came home on the weekends. That was in a therapeutic ward, my fifth time. My third time was also in therapeutic ward and was for a month. Other times I stayed between four days up to three weeks.

I was hospitalized at least 5 times most of them from 94 to early 2000’s. Mostly I was kept for about 2 weeks. It seemed like a lot longer. My stays in a nearby ward were humane but extremely boring. I was blatantly abused when I stayed in a behavioral ward in the next state over. Put in restraints for no reason and left there, put in a claw hold that left a huge bruise on my armpit and dragged around, choked into unconciousness when all I did was hit a metal locker. That place was Guantanomo Bay, basically. The most frustrating thing about having to be put in behavioral wards is my hallucinations never got any better so it seems like the misery is for nothing. Back in the day the local one used to have better beds and more things to do to pass the time. Now they have beds that are sunken down and take real effort to get out of. There was nothing to do but read from a poor selection of books and magazines or draw. I think they have poorer funding now.

Twice. Once for a single night. It was a bizarre experience as I was terribly ill.

And the second time I think 3 nights… They did not put me in a room or ‘upstairs’ with the others.
I was in emergency for 2-3 nights and recovered 2 months afterwards.

Usually people do not really know when I get ill :thinking: My symptoms are mild and bizarre but mainly cognitive.
They told me I have mania only.

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I stayed 5 or so days in the psych ward of the local hospital when i was about 12 or 13. Hadn’t developed any real schizophrenia symptoms yet, was just very suicidal and anxious

The hospitals I’ve been in typically do not keep people for weeks/months at a time, like some of you have done. Then again, maybe that’s because I was always put into acute care units mostly with patients in there for depression, bipolar and/or anxiety.

My longest stay was 8 days. I wasn’t even psychotic that time, though I was still recovering from a psychotic break; I was in for being suicidal. The only reason it was that long was that I admitted to a nurse that I had attempted to attempt suicide in my room. The room design thwarted my attempt, couldn’t hang myself the way I wanted to. Normally when I went in for suicidal ideation I would be there for 4 days, more like 5 days for psychosis. Where I’ve been they discharge you as soon as you no longer absolutely need around the clock care.

three months and half a yaer later three months again. Then I stayed on my meds and a some four years later had a two week observation stay in the hospital after the honeymoon when I married my wife. We made love in the hospital. I checked myself out after two weeks because it turned out i had avoided a break down. that was 14 years ago. Since then, i havent had much of a reason to go the hospital. I have been stable the whole time.

First time was close to 3 months.