Whats the longest stay you been in hospital

longest i been hospitalize is 4 months. omg their food was horrible. how about you guys

Five weeks excluding weekends

My most recent stay was a month

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8 months. They were lucky to have me.

One month was my longest

Last stay - May 1981-March 1983.


Also: I was born during your hospital stay.

23 months. SEP 1996-AUG 1998.

November 2010 28 Days

Since my first real psychosis, in the end of 2009, until today, I’ve been in hospital most of the time, with some time intermittently discharged, and with recurrent (maybe once a month) holidays. I know, it’s crazy, especially given how modest my symptoms are: no dangerous delusions, no suicidality, and I’ve been angry only a few times, and without hurting anyone.


For me the longest stay was for 3 months.

I think two months maybe month and half

6 months in the 2016.

4 months in 2012. my first stay at hospital. followed by 3 or 4 more one month stays. haven’t been to hospital in 4 years though.

Technically, 20 some days. I went about 15 months of being in hospital for 3 weeks, then they discharge me because insurance days they’d stop paying, then I’d be right back within a day or three. Over and over again for about 15 months.

longest stay was 4 months, had that happen twice

I said one month, but that was as an adult. As a teenager I was a patient for a year in a crisis center for teens, some of it being partial patient

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