What's the longest you've spent in hospital?

  • A few days
  • A week
  • A few weeks
  • A month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • Longer than 3 months

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I spent (about) 3 months in hospital the first time. I was in pretty bad shape.

Two weeks and a day


It’s a week for me.


2 months back in 2010 the first time I got hospitalized it was 60 days


8 days, and I wasn’t even psychotic that time, just suicidal. I did sort of try to kill myself in my room, though. The hospitals I’ve been in always discharged people as soon as possible.


My longest stay I wasn’t med compliant so after I got my court ordered injections, I was there for about 2 months. Was my fourth and last hospitalization for psychosis, which was close to 2 and a half years ago.

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I got put in on a 5150 Involuntary 72 hr stay 24 times.
Quite a few times they had a hearing to see if they could keep me beyond that 72 hrs- up to 2 weeks longer, and I lost the hearing and had to stay.

A few times there was another hearing with the judge, an advocate (on my side trying to get me out) and staff from the hospital trying to keep me in.
Think it was a 5360, and I lost those too, they kept me an additional 2 weeks.


I think my first 3-4 stays should have been longer. I asked to leave and they just let me go without anything being resolved really.

0 days. My wonderful mother wouldn’t let me stay and took me in. I ended up in emergancy on a a few occassions but managed to avoid the wards. Very happy about that!


state hospital…held me two and a half months until I was fully stable…the other hospitals kept releasing me while I was still delusional due to me not having insurance.

I have been hospitalized 4 times. The longest a month. I spent the millennium in hospital.

No option for never? I ended up walking into a mental health clinic.

Longest stay, 3 weeks.
Shortest 1 week.

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13 years-from 1966-1979. This is not a lie or a fabrication. This was a voluntary stay where I got in over my head and didn’t even think about getting out. I had to learn to play along with the staff to get out. Things were different then. They didn’t use AP’s there for the first 7 years. Psychoanalysis was the preferred mode of treatment and it took a long time. I developed bad lifelong habits which I still suffer from.


Holy â– â– â– â–  @martinhersey1!
I’m sorry that you went through that.
13 years! Yikes!

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Yeah! Really! XXXXX

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I was in for like a month and a half once, it was f**king hell man… Worst time ever. Most of my stays are like a week/2 weeks max so that time was like, get me the hell out of here. haha.

8 months. But time flies when you’re having fun.


its actually 6 weeks but who’s counting lol

Longest stay was 3 months