Sarcosine User Poll: Please Respond - Has it Helped You?

  • Tried it, it helped
  • Tried it, it didn’t help

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This poll is only for people who have actually tried it.

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Im asking experienced sarcosine users

I have to say I’ve noticed major improvement in these past couple days. I’m only taking it in the morning.

  • taking actions, not just pondering and being lazy.
  • Going out more, especially for walks and ice cream stop.
  • Motivation
  • sex drive?! I don’t know if this is because I increased Latuda a little bit.
  • Appetite. This may be odd, maybe I just have nothing to do.
  • Focus - I’m able to think clearly.


50/50 so far. Not bad odds.


Only 7 people have tried it?!


It’s hard for me to judge the effect of any medication because my moods and my activity patterns are so variable, but I have noticed that when I don’t take my Sarcosine I am kind of flat. I skipped my daily 3 gram dose this morning to see if I noticed any difference. It did seem like I was more draggy and depressed. I took my daily dose just now, and I’m feeling more content.


Its interesting - with antipsychotic medications; 40 percent to 75 percent of the people say they experience
a decrease in symptoms.,

Oh - and I think you would have had a much better response to the poll if you had a longer more descriptive title - something like “Sarcosine POLL: Please Respond - Has it Helped You?”



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Perhaps you were just taking too much sarcosine? I saw this research report of one person who had a similar reaction as you, so they reduced the sarcosine consumption to 1 gram a day, and also lowered their medications a bit and so they got the benefits of both the sarcosine and medications in a way that worked for them. Perhaps show this to your doctor and discuss it with him/her:


Anyone else tried this and have results to report?


my stepson is taking this 2 gm/day. cab=nt say I;ve seen any positive reaction so far a few weeks. actually some old negative stuff has come up again out of the blue… don’t know if any connection or not time will te4ll


I am nearing the end of week one. I have been smoking less cannabis. Like, a substantial amount. It’s like addition of sarcosine makes me need less medicinal cannabis. The only time I really felt like i desperately needed cannabis was when my family was holding a reunion yesterday and everybody was stressed and yelling at each other.

I have been eating more, though.
I have been doing chores around the house at what I thought were random times, but which I just noticed today was actually within the two hours after drinking coffee mixed with sarcosine throughout the day (usually I clean up only around 2-3 am middle of night).
I walk taller, straighter, and stare less often at the ground in front of my feet. It’s easier to politely smile at strangers.

Mental acuity up, forgetfulness down.


I felt more active when i was using it. Too bad i ran out. Will order more next week.


I guess it doesn’t work for everyone. If I had the money I might try the Sarcosine from natural sources. I can’t afford it right now, though.


yes… this has definitely helped


I like Sarcosine, but couldn’t tolerate it even at 1gm. I take 300mg of Effexor and need to lower that dose before I restart Sarcosine. It sent me hypo manic. But I did take it for a month. It was a little off-putting knowing it may be a marker for cancer or could make it more conducive for cancer to take hold if carcinogens are present (I smoke). But here’s some insight:

The Good:

  1. Voices eradicated (BREAKTHROUGH!)
  2. Aware
  3. Thoughts more lucid
  4. Fears less intrusive
  5. Able to have meaningful time with family
  6. Great aphrodisiac
  7. Energy
  8. Tastes great
  9. Less self-conscious

The Bad:

  1. Irritability
  2. Fatigue when it wears off (take it twice a day)
  3. Began feeling my aorta pulsing
  4. I was laying down and felt my cheek wanting to constrict towards my neck (tardive dyskinesia?)

I regard the negatives more due to hypo mania. Once Effexor is lowered I’ll go back on it. Overall yes it helps- with caveats as far as how it can work in conjunction with your current regimen.


I just started taking it again. yes it does work. it makes me much more focused.
i find after a few weeks though it doesnt work as well. so i think maybe cycling it could help.


hi my adult stepson has been taking for 3 or 4 months now 2 gm day. I don’t know if it helps or not between the skz and the up and down cycles I cant really tell but will keep giving it to him


it has helped the motivation, I took it for two months before running out. my partner and I have to wait to buy more.


Sarcosine helped me but it sometimes makes me think someone as a subordinate and makes me react to whatever they say or do in anger/rage. This is not me. This is one of the side effects of Sarcosine.


I recently stopped taking it. It seemed to lose its charm and all I was getting from it was anxiety. Taking it began to feel like torture. After not taking it I became really really sleepy for a day. It seemed like it was starting to block my energy and make me gain weight.

Another thing I noticed is in the morning before taking it I was being a complete vegetable. My mom came over and would ask me questions and I would sit there and never respond.

I’ve been sober this whole month. I think the lack of alcohol contributed the blocked energy and increased anxiety. I can’t do anything about that because I’m on bail. And I got in trouble from the sarcosine making me hyper in the first place.