Your experience with latuda, lurasidone?

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to hear from people who have been taking latuda or lurasidone. Mainly in regards to weight loss, improvement of erectile dysfunction, and drowsiness.

I’m currently taking a depot shot of clopixol every two weeks and it has been a good experience for the past 5 years. I have no more voices or delusions, all my positive symptoms disappeared thanks to clopixol. However I still have excess weight that I’d like to get rid of. Not to mention I have erectile dysfunction and have other problems like feeling drowsy and excessive sleeping.

So this is why I’m considering switching to latuda. I want to ask my psychiatrist about switching to this new medication during my next appointment.

So I’d love to hear other peoples’ experiences on this medication. Thanks for your help.

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I am taking Latuda the past two years. And it works good for me. I am 120 kg and I didn’t lost too much weight but also I am not gaining. I try to eat smaller portions but is not always easy.
Regarding sexual disfunction I may say I have good sex life. But I am a women and I don’t know how it is for men. Hope my answer helps! :relaxed:

I’ve not been on Latuda but a very simular drug callrd Geodon(sisterdrug to Latuda). I took that as an add on to Clopixol depot. And Geodon was very, very activating. So much that I couldn’t sleep. The first two years on geodon I lost 50 pounds and it didn’t get sexual dysfunktion from this. I was on Geodon for 20 years and 4 month ago I quit Geodon Cold turkey with succes and I barely survived it. So if you want slimming activation snd sexual improvement then go for.geodon or.Latuda. But if you likewise me need to stay calm and avoid activation use eg. Clopixol or seroquel.

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I got serious side effects on it. Chest pains. Last time I tried it I had to give it up after 4 days. I got a bad reaction to abilify too. Not many AP’s agree with me it seems.

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@Mr_Hope, what meds do you take?

I like it. But I take Geodon also. I put on weight with Latuda. But I was able to reduce my Geodon dose in half. I was on the max dose.

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I am well on latuda.

I have a bit of weight gain on it.
Some insomnia and sometimes anxiety just after I take it otherwise all good.

I have a happy sex life on it.
My boyfriend is the best lover though but thankfully I’m able to enjoy him.
Maybe I’m not as much as I would have been but I can definitely enjoy sex.thankfully.
With the right lover and for me last two years has been only my boyfriend.

Great drug, minimal side effects and weight gain.


Currently I am taking 5mg olanzapine.

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I lost 25-30kg on it. Never weighted myself at my heavies but I ballooned on other aps over the years. Least sedating ap I have tried. Although apparently abilify, brex, cariprazine are less sedating maybe some others also. Erectile dysfunction is probably going to be comparable on most aps with I imagine the exception of the three listed above. Better to take viagra to fix that in any case

Pretty piss poor drug. It’s on its way out anyway

I personally take offence to this.

I had a bad exsperience on latuda with side effects and couldnt sleep. I felt unsafe on it and had to change medication.

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Ive been on it for a few years (5+) and I love it. I have put on weight with it. Gone up about 3 jean sizes
That said I have been very inactive and I love food and beer so I can’t say how much of that is the meds and how much is my lifestyle.

One thing you need to know is that you must take it with food or it doesn’t work. Sometimes this can be an issue if I go out for dinner because you need to plan a separate meal for when you take your meds. Having access to food that is the right amount of calories is very handy (cereal bars/huel).
I actually think this need for an additional meal may be why I have put on so much weight, as when I have lost weight it has been by skipping dinner, but you cannot do that on this drug.

The biggest benefit is that it is less sedative for me and allows me to think more clearly. Where as what I was on before was too strong and made me feel slower than everyone else around me. It would take me a few more seconds to process stuff.

That said, while I was getting used to it for the first month it was more difficult than many drugs. I got very restless at points and found it hard to lie down to sleep. I had a desire to get up and move. But after a while that passed.

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Given my severe psychotic episodes in the past, my psychiatrist said that I need to take a more potent antipsychotic, like the one I’m currently on, clopixol. Apparently, latuda is not that potent. When it comes to my ED, then cialis and viagra have helped for a while now. I was just hoping I could be on a med where I wouldn’t have to rely on ED pills and perform naturally. As for weight, I’m still a little overweight, but over the past 6 months or so I’ve slimmed down 8-12 pounds, just through eating less and being active on my feet at work…it fluctuates here and there. I was just hoping to switch to a med that would give me an extra boost in that regard.

But clopixol has really saved my life. Before that I was taking other APs that were less effective and hearing voices that constantly said negative things, making me angry and agitated all the time. The minute I started taking clopixol, everything went away. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Just exploring some different option, but I guess I shouldn’t ruin a good thing.

Latuda is a terrible med, at least from my experience. It gave me so many side effects.

I would advise you to try it to see if you like it.

Cialis and Viagra are used as antipsychotics?

I’m pretty sure if you take beta- blockers like propranerol it negates its Akethesia side effect. Latuda is just weak and it poops out after awhile

Worked good on symptoms, but l didn’t tolerate it. chest pains even at 20mg. had to give it up after about two weeks.

For me it was the strongest ive been on but the pacing on all my meds has been bad, but with that said this med creates a sense of panicky dysphoria that disabled me one time I had to special request my friends take me home so I wouldnt hurt so bad

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