Latuda or Geodon?

Looking to get on another anti-psychotic, one without sexual side effects.

I would like to hear from others who have taken either Latuda or Geodon.

Latuda is better than geodon imo.

I was on Latuda for a little while. I actually really enjoyed it. Not only did I have no sexual side effects, but my libido actually increased. I also did not experience a dulling of the mind/imagination on it, either, which I have experienced with other medications. Unfortunately it gave me akathisia which was one of the most horrific feelings I have ever experienced, so I had to go off of it. If I hadn’t had that side effect, though, Latuda would have been perfect for me, I think.

I take both of them. Latuda causes mild erectile dysfunction.

I’m looking to switch APs as well.
I’m considering trying out Rexulti or maybe Latuda.

I want to avoid the sexual side effects as well.

Vraylar was way too stimulating for me!

I hope that my psychiatrist is on board with my intentions.

I would go with Latuda - Geodon has too many Cardiac side effects.

I am on Geodon and it is working very well, no voices and paranoia died down a lot. I do have a tremor/shake side effect that is annoying but nothing else. The cardiac stufff does freak me out. I’m hoping exercise will keep that from happening. The Dr first prescribed Latuda for me when I was in the hospital but it had an out of pocket expense of $500/month which I couldn’t afford. Geodon was covered by insurance.

I should add that Geodon gave me akathesia for awhile but cogentin took care of it.

I don’t think we have any of those drugs where I am.

I am on latuda.

I recently switched from olanzapine .

I think ive been on latuda for 2 months or so now.
could be longer.
I am able to become aroused and orgasm .
I recently met a man and now have a boyfriend so i found this out last week. :slight_smile:

I am on small dose though.

I think ask your drs opinion and advice and read up about the medications as well as asking here may help you come to a decision.

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My doctor doesn’t want to switch me. Instead, she keeps lowering the dose every month to see if the ED will go away.

Right now I’m taking 200 mg of Abilify depot injections, which is already half the reccomended dose. (400mg)

Next month it’ll be 150 mg, and then 100mg.

Hopefully this will work, as in the past I was on a low dose of risperdal (0.75mg) and was not experiencing ED, although at higher doses I was.

Maybe you need a viagra and a picture of wonder woman. What happens if you use viagra like this anyway?

Latuda is better than Geodon hands down, Geodon has some horrible side effects like I started blinking uncontrollably and couldn’t stop, also I got extremely tired to the point where I couldn’t function and nearly had a car accident because I was fallling asleep at the wheel.

With viagra i’m good with my f*** buddy who I see once a week.

I want to be good without viagra.