Your diagnosed, but how do you feel

I feel weary all the time. I see colors out of my vision, have no sense of self, short term and long term memory problems. High anxiety. Unable to perceive or understand. Feeling as if I’m in third person fighting a devilish voice in my head. I feel outside of my body not in control of my body or speech, like I’m dead viewing life through my eyes not in control of anything. Extremely depressed, a loser in real life. Terrible health from smoking no friends no job. Suicidal thoughts. Feeling mentally retarded. And a lot more things. How do you feel with your situation?


basically the same as you, infact i could have written the same words without the smoking part, but i would have added coffee and cake.
hang in there, from personal experience ( been doing this a long time ) you have to force your self to keep going, and you will have good days and bad.
when having the bad days , just remember the good days to keep you going.
take care

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Perhaps, if I were you I would try to talk with my doctor and try to modify my treatment. I think that you can try several medications, it is your advantage.
I hope that you can improve.

your not a loser give urself a break schizophrenis is a serious illness. Sending hugsx

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Much the same for me, too. Not completely, but a lot.

was it such you were before taking meds? cause many of these problems can be due to side effects of drugs, what med do you take? tell us about meds you have been taking until now and about just your illness’s symptoms without taking meds and that how much do smoke.

I’m sorry you are struggling through these days. You are not a looser. You have suffered a mental illness and from another post… a brain injury as well? Your fighting a lot of odd there.

There are days that I feel exactly as you do. The depersonalization has been happening more often these days. I don’t like it. But I’m working to fight it. I think it’s anxiety/ panic triggered.

But there are days, a few more here an there that I feel Ok. I can get up, go to work, come home and it was all Ok.

i have days where i’m so tired of running this simulated “telepathy” show that i just want to shut down but i will continue to fight on regardless. i have good days and bad days tbh. sometimes the voices r quiet for months on end, other times they r omnipresent but i don’t let it get to me. come on hunni, pick urself up and fight. fight for each day. there is always something to b thankful for, however small. that’s the way i c it anyway. i will never give in to my opressors and if ur oppressor is ur own brain then uv won half the battle because u know it. u can do this. count urself lucky that that is all uv got to deal with. my oppressors r real people and like to play with my life. urs r a figment of a diseased brain and is treatable. go with trying the different meds approach and hopefully ull find one that fits. good luck hunni and keep fighting xxx

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