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Hi everybody.

  1. Can you please tell me what medication your on and how long?
  2. If you still have voices?
  3. What type Of voices are they? ie faint or whispers?

Saphris, Rexulti, Topamax and Cymbalta. I’ve been on this combination for about a year. Every once in awhile my head will get a little noisy, or whispers, when stressed badly. Sometimes I get delusional and have thought insertions or a random command hallucination, The command hallucinations are always loud and clear for some reason. It seems to be a specific person doing it, a male voice. I feel compelled to do as he says, but have learned not to.


I take Invega Sustenna, Lamictal and Zoloft

I have command hallucinations (voices) and voices related to delusions of grandeur. (voice telling me I am God).

I don’t hear voices on medication. But I still have mild delusions of persecution.

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I’m no longer on medication but I was for several months, so I can tell from experience.

  1. I was on chlorpromazine for about 6-8 months.
  2. Yes. I had them even while I was medicated.
  3. My voices normally do not sound like real voices. For me, they typically like to sound like some other sound I am currently hearing. It’s as if it is modulating or overlaying to the source sound. For example if I’m walking then the voice talks in the rhythm of my footsteps and it sounds like the footsteps, and then the voice seems to come from my feet (exactly where the sound of the footsteps comes from). If scratching my hand the voice sounds like scratching, etc. If there is no appropriate sound around it “modulates” the silence; then I cannot tell where the voice comes from.
    Sometimes I get a voice that has a gender and is more like a sound on its own, but it’s still not like a real voice, and it sounds as if coming from my head or slightly above it.
    The medication did not affect the voices in any way.

Heya @anon47167357

Risperidone 3mg right now, been on this dose for a few months now.

I still have voices, but they aren’t as loud, don’t have as much sway on my thinking. Aren’t as powerful, while on meds. The meds help keep me from having major episodes where I think I’m talking to angels, and get confused about what’s real.

My voices have stages, depending on how far down the rabbit hole I am. They start as whispers I can’t make out, easy to ignore them.

Second level sounds like a crowd, or noisy restaurant, I can’t make out what they are saying, but I know they’re talking about me.

Deeper down, I can start making out what the voices are saying, they pick on me, say derogatory things, try to command me. This is about the time the walls start breathing and moving, gravity feels weird, and I start seeing things.

True hallucinations are the final step, I lose touch with what’s real, the crowd turns into angels, reality fades around the corners, the world changes, I lose myself, the sky will change colors, everything moves, confusion and fear, booming angels commanding and judging me. Telling me I’m the chosen one.

It’s all a very strange process. But that’s the best way I can describe it,


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Perphenazine 24mg/day

On it for a little over a year.

I still hear voices occasionally, usually when there’s something else going on causing breakthrough symptoms. They’re usually just whispers, but when that happens I usually get tactile and visual hallucinations, too.

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Paliperidone 100mg sertraline 200mg and abilify 5mg.

I have not heard voices since I started the paliperidone two years ago (thank god) but I do still struggle with certain delusions though they have faded and not as strong.

I am happy with my medication.

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Thanks for replying everyone :smiley:

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74mg Latuda, and 50mg Seroquel for sleep.
I still hear voices, but they are faint unless I’m stressed.
I’ve accepted that my voices might not go away ever, and that I should learn to live with them. They’re part of me.

After I started therapy for voices, they’ve become much more calm and positive and quiet. In the therapy we try to figure out what need the voices cover, what in my life coincided with the voices appearing, and what purpose the voices seem to have.

  1. Invega (tablet) 1 year, Depakote 7 years, Prozac 6 months
  2. Infrequently
  3. The voices are in my head. They always have been.
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Abilify, Lamotragine, thyroxine and metformin.
I hear mumbling in background noise - especially background TV, radio and music. they are sending me special messages, but I can’t make out what they are.
I don’t think I’ve ever had a proper auditory hallucination. These are in my head.

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I’m on amisulpride 200mg and olanzapine 5mg and lamotrigine 150mg

Don’t hear voices as much as I used to, maybe once a week or fortnight or so

Sometimes my voice Alien (male voice) screams at me in my head, sometimes normal tone and sometimes whispering. At the least end of the scale he inserts his thoughts. Sarah, my good female voice doesn’t scream but just talks in normal tone, telling Alien to leave me alone. These voices inside not outside of my head

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  1. Clozapine (Clozaril) - been on it about a year now
  2. Ziprasidone (Geodon) - about 2 years
  3. Venlafaxine (Effexor) - about 2 years

I very rarely hear any voices anymore, but when i do, it tends to be fairly faint. Now and then it’ll be loud.


Meds are

  1. clozapine 500mg for a year and a half
  2. Lamotrigine 250mg for a very long time
  3. Zoloft 50mg for about 5 weeks
  4. Concerta 72 mg for about 2 years

I have some chattering in my head mostly don’t understand the voices.
I’m doing much better this last few weeks getting off lithium and starting zoloft.


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