Your best concert story

I’d like to hear your best concert story.

Did you meet the band?

Something crazy happen?

Just a good show?

Mine, I’m sure at least a few of you know.

My sister was recovering from major, major back surgery and somehow convinced my parents she was well enough to go to that years Warped Tour.

I was less than thrilled with taking her because it was mostly for teenagers,

But I went to take care of her.

We were there all day, seeing different bands and getting autographs.

The last set of the day was My Chemical Romance.

We waited, in the direct Texas sun, for hours to get in the front row.

The two of us were already super sunburned by the time the band showed up.

But we were in the front row.

There was an ocean of people behind us,

Pushing forward.

People were pushing on my sister, and with her back being so bad off, she started freaking out.

I started yelling and pushing people out of the way so we could get out.

Then the magic happened.

The band stopped playing and the singer asked me if she (my sister) was okay.

I said no, he got the crowd to move back two steps and clear a way for us to get out.

After we got under a tree, he started playing again.

We rested under the tree for a while then went home.

That’s it.

Not so great band,

But awesome thing they did for us.


In 1987, I saw George Thorogood at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Thorogood, who seemed drunk to me, fell over an amp and played a song on his back.

In 1989, I saw Brenda K Starr at the NYC Gay Pride Parade. I made some small talk with a backup singer named Mariah. Yeah, that was Mariah Carey (not famous at the time).

In 1990, I saw Erasure at Madison Square Garden. No story but the best show I’ve ever seen.


The pet shop boys. I saw them in concert and then waited for the traditional encore. But they didn’t do one, they just left :joy:


There was a concert for a band I liked.

I don’t like being around people.

I bought their CD and listened to it instead.

Also saved a lot of $$$.

…and they all lived happily ever after.



I’ve only been to one concert in my life, and a handful of times I saw the Baltimore Philharmonic. The concert was Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Saw them before Christmas in 2005. Really cool light show.


That’s a pretty cool story, @anon54386108!!

I don’t really have any cool concert stories. But Hubby and I went to a Slipknot concert, a couple of years ago. The other fans made me so paranoid!! They looked scary. Me and Hubby looked out of place, LOL.

But we do really like Slipknot. The other fans were just typical Slipknot fans, just the stereotype. And we look like “normal” people, I guess?? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh! Actually… Hubby and I went to an As I Lay Dying concert (metal). It was like the 3rd time we’d seen them.

Well, I decided to wear my bright yellow crop top hoodie… I was the only person who wasn’t wearing black. :joy: People kept giving me judgemental looks, like who brought their stupid girlfriend??

I’m a big fan of As I Lay Dying, I just don’t understand why everyone MUST wear black. Can’t I like metal and also like bright colors?? Gosh. :joy:


I’ve been to lots and lots and lots of concerts, most recently Aerosmith at their Las Vegas residency (back in 2019 before I had a really bad break).

Back in the 80s hair metal days, I went to see Cinderella (remember them?) and my friend was dead set on getting back stage. We hung out by the stage entrance. A roadie came over to me, put his arm around me, and walked me away from the entrance. He said, “If you want a backstage pass, you know what you gotta do for it.” Ew. I did not and I would not. Besides, the band knows if you’ve been with the roadies and they have no interest in you.

Anyway, one of the guys from the band wanted my friend to come backstage. She said she wouldn’t unless he got passes for all of us. So we all went backstage and then my friend ignored him. The end.

Also, I almost got to go backstage for the Foo Fighters in 2011, but very sadly, that did not happen.


Another time we were at a Blood Brothers concert,

One of my sister’s favorite band at the time.

The singer was singing and drinking a Heineken.

When he put the bottle down, I grabbed it.

We rinsed it out and she used it as a vase for years.

For all I know, still does.


I went to a Carman concert in 1995. It was amazing. A huge globe descended from the ceiling. There was fire coming from the stage.


Isn’t that the guy Amy Grant divorced?


I went to Ozzfest, because I had a crush on Ozzy Osborne. I wasn’t that fat then. The first one, I wore a black skirt and some type of blue sparkly spaghetti strap top and some cool shoes with a high heel. Then I went to another one, can’t remember what I wore, but it was winter and I had a fake sable coat, I really liked. We were in a crowd near the stage and I was talking to some guy. My purse and coat got caught on something or something happened and I was about to get trampled on. The guy I was talking to, said; Go! So, I had to let go of my purse and coat and get away as fast as I could. During the concert I saw someone throwing my coat up into the air. I didn’t have my purse or car keys. But after the concert, someone helped me find my car keys. It was amazing they were there.


Great story, @Brendalyn.

Sorry you lost your good coat and everything.


I think my coat was pulling me down and my purse was with it, so I had to leave them. So I would advise to wear minimal things, if you want to be near the stage.

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1 single and 1 “binary” ha. The single one was the Hoard Festival, best show of it’s kind for me: Neil Young played 1/2 acoustic and 1/2 electric and it was magic; Primus was insane as usual; Blues Traveler was fantastic; Soul Coughing were great and I can’t remember the rest but the whole thing was a blast.
The “binary” thing was two shows with the same circumstance: UK and Anderson, Buford, Wakeman and Howe - we were 2 people out of about maybe 200 in a full size stadium show. Like they were playing just for us. :grin:


Great story. That could have ended very badly.


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My uncle is from TJ,

He visits frequently.

I’m always afraid to go.

Some of my family lives down there and I still don’t know if I’m comfortable.


Yeah there are some neighborhoods I wouldn’t walk around in at night. That’s for sure.


Sounds like you guys had too much fun!


Went to see Pink Floyd in 1994 with another guy from my board & care home. I was four years clean and the concert was going pretty well; our seats were OK. I was waiting all night for them to play “Money”. About 3/4 of the way through the concert I needed to use the restroom. I went by myself and I had to walk around searching for it. I finally found it and did my business and washed my hands and walked out to hear the closing notes of “Money”.