What is the best concert you've ever been to?

For me, it was Modest Mouse
I really wanna go to more shows, particularly punk rock

But I also saw children of bodom, Jedi mind tricks, the eyeliners, and probably more that I don’t remember :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been to way more concerts than I can even remember, thanks to a relationship with a ticket scalper during the days of hair metal.

From that time, Stryper was definitely my favorite.

As an adult, the best was the Canadian band Great Big Sea before they broke up, followed very closely by Chris Smither.

The Moody Blues were excellent as well…but now I’m really dating myself lol


I honestly think it was REM on the Green tour.

Got the worst tickets as we won them with a radio promotion but littlish venue. Didn’t know lots of their songlist but great show.

At the end the band started playing “After Hours” a version of the Velvet Underground and one by one they left with Stipe still sitting there at the end…no one really left.

Like I’ve been to so many good shows and seen so many really good bands but that was certainly a highlight and great show!


The first time I saw Bruce Springsteen in 1978 was the best concert I’ve been to. Better than the Led Zeppelin concert I went to, better than The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Aerosmith. In 1978 my sister invited me to go to the last show at the famous Winterland venue in San Francisco. It was the last show before it closed down and it was Bruce Springsteen.

I had never heard of him before, I didn’t know any of his music but he put on a great four hour show. We were down in front of the stage about 25 feet from him and man, he put on a show. He had more charisma, more stage presence and more energy than any other lead singer I’ve ever seen, before or since. And his music was rousing and the E-Street Band were great too.

He talked to the audience and told great stories and he was all over the stage and jumping up on the piano and the amps. Just a solid good show, from beginning to end. He converted me into being a huge fan.
I saw him again later in 1994 and he wasn’t as good but I have the memory of that first show.


The Police, and maybe Paul Simon. Those were both great shows.

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Primal Scream great band Bobby Gillespie is brilliant.

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Whaaat? That’s cool!!!

It’s hard to choose the best concert I’ve been to…

Probably my chemical romance back when I was in middle school… or maybe Earl sweatshirt


Either Blondie or U2

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Chuck e cheese concert
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I’ve only been to one concert in my life :disappointed:

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I went to a t pain and Chris Brown concert once. It was last minute and my friend got cancelled on hahah so we just went and got bored and left after a bit

Bradford Marsalis jazz festival Belgrade

Rolling Stones 81 was a super concert…saw the Police Synchronicity tour twice the same year…also very good… saw the Eagles in concert…lots of good concerts.

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The thing I did as a teenager. Let’s go to as many rock concerts as I could. This is why I have such an outlook that I do. Bangs, my album book with my concert tickets. It’s totally full. Let’s review The loudest concert. Was either ACDC or Ted Nugent. Followed by a few like journey. The one I enjoyed the most. Was Joe Walsh in Colorado. And heart in Kansas City.

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Probably Rush in Phoenix, AZ, in1987.

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