You people depress me

Complaint: I can either be banned or have my account deleted. The moderators refuse to delete my posts or let me delete this account of my own accord.

I am sorry to hear that, StarryNight. But if I were you I would simply stop coming to this forum. Period. We would be sad to know that you’re not around, but happy to know that you’re not feeling depressed any longer.


Yeah, sorry. This a forum of mental health, it’s bound to have some depressive stories going around. Maybe you’re not angry at that, just a thought. If you want your account deleted just ask @SzAdmin


The title for this thread made me chuckle, Starrynight. Rarely people complained about the overcasting weather on this forum. I have learned to ignore those depressing threads and tried to find some fun.


While I agree the content on here is redundant and sad at times. It always seems that someone or another is spamming up the place… pansdisease was one of them and daimon… it has been worse in the past.

I do wish things were a bit more interesting at times. I love this forum because of the people on here, but I also love this forum because of the software. Discourse is amazingly simple and snappy to use. Unfortunately, all the other sites running discourse are devoted to coding or individual businesses…

The SZ talk does get old but it also keeps one on top of things to read and review and be reminded of all the coping mechanisms of the past and all the other jargon and stuff around the illness.

I’m feeling bad for @Resilient1… He’s been making a lot of posts on here lately… It’s kind of sad, kind of annoying, but all in all he’s a great person and I have to remind myself of all the spamming I used to do…

Just take a break from the site for a while. It’s tough to do, but it’s better than permanently leaving. This site is meant to be for support, but it’s not going to satisfy every momentary need for entertainment and connection.

Take care @StarryNight… whatever you choose to do for the time being… I still hope you stick around in the long term.


People who are more obsessive and mentally ill than we are, in other words.


hah… I don’t always agree with your humor @shutterbug but this one made me chuckle…

I’d like to see one general discussion forum based on discourse just so I could balance out what I want to say to the internet… versus keeping my self saying only what I SHOULD say here on the forum.

The day will come…


Hah, I resemble that remark.

Seriously, I think you only take out what you bring in. If you come here with a looking to be depressed attitude, that’s what you’re going to take out.

I come here for hope and I often find it.

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Genius like mine is so hard to keep up with…

___ strut ____


Did you ever perform as a professional jokester @shutterbug ?

No. I’ve analyzed what others find funny and post it. Most of the humour I post isn’t actually humour to me. I don’t connect to it.


Me, too. If no such forum comes into existent, I might consider to set up one by myself. I already have domain (which is nothing). What’s your suggestion for new domain name? (general discussion). But I think Discourse is quite complicated to install.

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Ah I bet you could figure it out… as far as the name I’m sure we could come up with something.

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I was wondering what is a general discussion forum based on discourse? Could you specify it? “Discourse” is a big word, I think.

BTW, I use “lounge” as a forum to post anything other than Sz.

On second thought, I think I am not qualified and responsible person to host a forum…for the reason that I am suffering from mood disorder as well. (i.e. If I am manic, I will keep changing the forum; If I am depressed, I will delete the forum). Seriously.

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good to know… I wouldn’t want full responsibility for it either…


“Discourse” is the name of the software this forum runs… similar to PHPBB

It’s fantastically simple and powerful.

looks like you can pay them to host for you or if you have a server you can install it yourself… I don’t have a server but I have thought of setting one up in the past. I just don’t quite know the technologies and how to communicate or get registered with a DNS or any of that crap that would make it accessible to the world. I’d also have to up my broadband connection… so a machine that is always and upped broadband… those expenses add up quick. I’d basically have to have a Xeon processor and all other hardware meant for servers else I’d end up chewing through parts over time and constantly have to be ready to repair it.

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I forgot I made this post. yeah. Well thanks for understanding that I didn’t mean to post this.I like this forum. This is one of the rare places people actually understand how I think. I keep spacing out and feeling unlike myself, and I can’t quite place it. I’m not having hallucinations. Maybe I do have delusions though, but it’s hard to be certain. I feel like I’m rational. Maybe even hyper rational at times. But in the past I have had delusions. I’m told I don’t have schizophrenia. I went through two different doctors, my insurance keeps rejecting the pre-authorization of my refills and tries to blame it on me. I don’t know what to do.

It’s not that I am moody, I actually am not having any emotions at all. And it’s starting to upset me. I’ve been going from apathetic to irritable to sad, and then hyper alert or awake. I don’t even think I have emotions or moods. My first symptom of abilify was disconnected feelings from my emotions.

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People depress me sometimes on this site. That’s when I take a short break to regroup. And then I usually return more refreshed.

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Holy crap your funnybot…

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Good point. True. I tend to feel more uplifted when I go on this website, especially if I’m down.