You need to know this is dangerous

I feel so scared and I want everybody to know. There are so many dangers. World war three, parasites that most people obviously dont know about I know these are rational fears, and that many have them, but we need to be prepared. So many people are ignorant and I can see them inside their houses they’re staring at me, and these posts get shared all over the place but it’s good because people need to know they’re in danger. But I’m exeptionally exposed for danger. Movies makes me feel so bad too. Drugs and all. It’s crazy and super terrifying

PLEASE BE AWARE OF PARASITES; THEY CAN HURT YOUR BRAIN I will say no more, you can do the research, I hope I got your attention

I would completely agree that parasites are dangerous.

Now, what should happen to them? Should they be killed? What would you say?

You should study those little guys and how they exude certain creatures all of the way up the ladder, wow that looks kind of similar doesn’t it sometimes, the resemblance is uncanny.

We are the primiere parasite on this earth. We have devoured it all and also eachother.


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I couldnt agree with you more, the human race is horrible…

It twas over the day i twas born.

Me mama and her familiar yah know.

Got away twice, all the way across country to, things seemed to happen over and over to bring me back over and over and over again.

I can still remember that ghost ■■■■ walking around the house during our kidnapping. And certain “accidents” that would occur, like when we were horribly burned one time, and stories of my brothers falling out of bed and cracking their skulls open.

I turned eighteen and that ghost ■■■■ was there waiting, put it’s hand on my shoulder and before i knew it i was on my way “home”.

Halloween came that year and the torture began.

Didn’t get what she wanted though, because we are everywhere like i mentioned, and we’ll just give it right back. Weighed very carefully of course, our scales aren’t blind.

She’s somewhat of a spidery kind of person, and her brood doesn’t know they are the same. I do know though she has done things to them though without knowing and turned them into her little winged monky kids like certain films suggest.

So, at night demons may come and show me their face in the matter around me. And sometimes in the day they show themselves in the sky to me as the matter.

And with no mark on my skin i will leave this place.

I’m though very very interested in native magic right now though, out of nowhere i just looked over and exclaimed “wtf?! oh yeah! i forgot about you guys again. damn how long have you guys been putting this ■■■■ together?!”

Everything is dangerous. It’s kinda ■■■■■■.

any specific reason why she isn’t being attacked for posting things that scare her?
i thought this was a support group. i’m done here.

What are you talking about.

I’m the same exact way with movies and tv shows, they always rile me up.

As for the parasites thing, basically three rules

  1. don’t eat uncooked meat
  2. don’t drink dirty water (i.e. From ponds, lakes, streams…)
  3. wash your hands after digging in the dirt

Follow those and you don’t really have to worry about them.

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I am always cautious around my in-laws!




You know though when we aren’t wild dogs and snakes get along pretty good is all i’m sayin.

As i was growing up there was this cool dog, he was not wild anymore, but then there was this ■■■■■■■ dog that i didn’t know about that was wild. I never saw the little piece of ■■■■ though, no one was showing me.

So yeah.

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Yes, life has many dangers. But it is not healthy to dwell on them and end up paralyzing yourself from being so scared or anxious that they take up a big part of your life.

I am not necessarily talking about you specifically, I am just saying this generally. You could go outside and get run over by a bus and killed but its not something to dwell on or worry about. Part of life is putting faith in the fact that, yes, there are dangers but all you can do is live your life and have faith that most worst case scenarios will probably not happen to the average person. If you’re careful and take normal precautions you will most likely survive life.

Jon Gomm hell yeah

You freaked me out with the parasites. I got a worm living in my foot named Alfred who communicates telepathically.

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Does Alfred tell you when your socks don’t match?



Have you spoken to your psychiatrist about the parasites?

I wish. He’s British and says he’s an agent of heaven, here to be in a symbiotic relationship with me for the benefit of all mankind.