Paranoia Means You're Paying Attention

The more we become aware of the world around us and take notice of all the absurdly ridiculously bad things that could happen; it demonstrates that you’re sentient enough to care enough to ask questions.

Consider the thousands of people out in the city streets right now never stopping to worry that if planet earth’s momentum ever slows down, even slightly, it could disrupt gravity and result in what would be known as ‘The Big Sploosh.’

If I learned anything during my time spent in this existence; I am the only one whom I can count on and the only one i can trust.

But fear is a powerful means to control. Coercion is the quickest means to power. If you and all of your unsolicited thoughts can stop, stand up straight and laugh in the face of The Big Sploosh - will anyone ever be able to hold anything over your head ever again?


I think of this all the time… look up the space elevator… I can not believe the greed of others…

I also get upset about how more oxygen creating trees that get cut down to make way for more ugly condos…

Some of the Building boom condos here in Seattle are STILL empty after 2 years… so why build more?

and make them so high priced that most real people can’t afford them… so those sit empty too…


I am paying attention.

It’s like watching a train coming and not being able to get off the track.

Kind of drives you a little bonkers.


Sure - many bad things could happen, but so could many good things. Why dwell on the negative - it just makes us miserable, and no fun to be with.

Sure - a little caution is always in order, but if negativity and paranoia drives your life, then you’ll never have any fun or enjoy anything. The cost of the negativity and paranoia is fear and unhappiness.

I actively work to try to see the good things in our world and it helps.


Thinking about all the bad things that could possibly happen to you all the time is not good though! Who wants to live in constant fear always? It’s good to have awareness but to some extent we must live in ignorance if we’re to survive in a degree of peace.

Also this is assuming your paranoia is over these big rational things. I think back when I thought the clouds were the devil’s agents that would take me to hell if I was left alone outside was not me paying attention I think I needed to pay more attention to how ridiculous and false that was o.O Paranoia is the next level up from healthy concern.


I was meaning those stricken down in despair and depression when first introduced to the possibility that the free and natural world may actually be tightly moderated and euclidean.

A lot of the sciences we have defining our world depict it (comically), time and time again, as a world fragiley placed in jeopardy.

Ultimately we don’t know why or where we are (at least I don’t) but this places us as ‘subjected too’ rather than a part of and such an existence is one whose value exponentially drops. Ultimately you find the only reason you feared anything was that you believed you had something to lose. When you find have nothing to lose and can continue on contently without nothing to lose - there are no means to control you anymore.

That’s still not a great thing to think about all the time. I think about things like this too often and I am always depressed. Would not recommend. My therapist tells me I try to take on every problem in the world at once.

I sort of wish I had nothing to lose but I have everything to lose so I am very trapped as it is. Then again I think a life where you had nothing to lose would also be a very sad and difficult life that comes with its own consequences. In this world you can never be truly free.

Right, and the awareness that we can’t truly be free in this world keeps us safe from investing any serious passion or sentiment into this existence thereby freeing us up psychologically and emotionally. The less mind we pay to that around us the more mind we keep in savings.

Many people get hurt via constant rejection by this world but we can see it’s like trying to embrace a cactus. It’s better to move through it observing and studying rather than trying to claim stake…like scientists moving through an ape refuge studying the apes but not bothering to stop and mate with them or depend on any one of them for long term employment.

I like to look at the world around me as amazing but still not sophisticated enough in design to be able to competently cater to my emotional needs in a sophisticated manner. Therefor I look on in astonishment at the wondrous machines all around me but never expect too much from any of them.

As for psychological exercise I use the world as a training ground making my goat much tougher to get.

Try being a online poker player and being paranoid.
It was horrific for me, paying attention? More like paying to much attention in my honest opinion.
I went from beating the game at a high win rate at decent stakes with a well paying job keeping my bankroll healthy.
to being so psychotic I couldn’t even play the game for various reasons.
Moving on to a few years later after meds kicked in.
Not paranoid at all, not even in the slightest only by rational paranoia like walking down the street at 2 am and thinking someone might jump you or attack you (very plausible).
But that being said, I can now comfortably play online poker many years later with medication at the micros for a few dollars an hour which also keeps me entertained through-out the day. It’s almost like pre-diagnosis just my brain is more turned off now so it’s hard to sit for long sessions and hard to learn from mistakes when your brain ain’t tinkering the same as pre-schiz but I still do well enough. :slight_smile:
I use to wak down the street 1 hour to work every day and work a 10 hour shift the whole time I would walk while being schiz I thought people were after me, it wasn’t great, every corner I would take on the street someone was on the other end of that corner in a big group ready to take me out. I had to confront that feeling every single moment and then work while being paranoid in a large workforce of many people thinking paranoid thoughts in that situation. It wasn’t something I’d ever want to go through again. But yes rational paranoia is good, about lots of things in this world. But actual full blown paranoia (like I went through, diagnosed paranoid schiz) I wouldn’t recommend. Worse feeling I ever went through it almost killed me.
edit: i’m just glad I’m not like the well known paranoid schiz in town that has his house on a corner that everyone drives past wears a tin foil hat (literally) and has tape all over his windows trying to block electroc signals sent to his head. His fully lost it and is full blown, if i was like that i’d want to be dead literally.

Actually, fear of being jumped is quite common.
Most frequent in women but if you live in a dodgy area it isn’t too far fetched for men to be on edge as well.

Quite a few nurses I would have to escort through a parking lot at night working security at a hospital; their cars only about three yards away yet they had intense fear of stepping into the parking lot after hours.

Your friend with the tinfoil hat. I also suspect that our intelligence is shared through electromagnetic waves however, on a more rational level, even though coming upon that possible science was shocking at first I realized that I was in no more jeopardy upon discovery than I had been that whole time. In the end, more so than frightened I am now thankful that I am aware of such possibilities because it’s helped to understand a lot of people better - reasons for their religions, arts and apprehensions.