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just a thought came to my mind, live to the fullest when you are young, of course we have our illness, but still experience as much as possible when you are young, now me being closer to 50 than 40 just some thoughts come to my mind.


Need to stop wasting my life doing nothing.

I’m 27 and no longer feel “young”. I feel like I have started middle-age. Just lounging, helping people out, and passing the time through music & writing. That’s all I got these days as hobbies… though good meals & nice weather make everything extremely euphoric on certain days.

Just relax. No need to rush. We all die, might as well enjoy it, y’know?

When I was young I was kind of desperate. I felt like life was slipping through my grasp. I felt like my illness interfered with any satisfaction I could get from life. No matter what I had it wasn’t good enough. Now that I am older I am more satisfied with the simple pleasures. I’m a lot more mellow. There are times when I hate my illness with a passion, but I don’t feel like I’ve been denied anything.

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Young people should just jump into the ocean of the life and dive to gain experiences that can be remembered years after, and answer to mistercollie, 27 is not old, I remember when I was 27 in 1994 I was in America, came from my vacation to Canada, without knowing what the future was, which might have made it more exciting.

I’m finally enjoying my age and health and look forward to growing old. Some days I am sad but most of the time I’m happy.I’m 53


“Enjoy life before you get to old to.”

Also when you are old -


Hey @mjseu,

 Just hit the big 30 this year, and have only had the illness for 6yrs., and couldnt agree more. Hope to live a long life and figure it all out by the time im 40/50.
      Remember youre not dead yet, theirs plenty to do still. Whats on your bucketlist?

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