I'm enjoying my old age more than I enjoyed my youth

I had some good times in my youth, but most of it I remember as being pretty dark. How was your youth?


I went completely off the rails in my 20s. I’ve managed to turn things around now.


The things that I thought were fun when I was younger turned out to be not so much fun. I’m middle-aged right now and enjoying myself even with the current crop of health issues. It’s best to love living in the day you’re in.


Every decade got worse for me until right now(early 40s). I guess there’s a message of hope in that for the younger members.


I thought it was bad at the time, but it was better than now.

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I’m sorry to hear that. My early and mid thirties were probably the darkest time of my life. My youth was mostly bad, though.


My childhood and early adulthood were awful. My life is much better now


I’m glad to hear that. Me too.


Now I am an independent adult, I have a much better life than before when I was growing up, definitely.

My youth although eventful, was a bit of a car crash

Even with the dx’s I have now, they do not amount anywhere near what I experienced and I think that having that as my only comparison makes me stronger now in the face of sz/gad/ASD/drepession

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I’ve had it the opposite way. When I was young the schizophrenia made me miserable. But I had a lot of energy, exercised without pain, and went on vacations a lot. Now I have fewer voices, but the negative symptoms still make me miserable. And I exercise with considerable pain, and don’t go on vacations very much.

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I can definitely say that being forty now definitely rocks.

My twenties and thirties were terrible.

I feel like everyone loves you when you turn forty.


my youth was good, im pretty sure, i’ll throw in the towel, before someone is wiping my ass for me. natural causes won’t get me anyhow.

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I always viewed my childhood as a happy one, but thinking back on it there was quite a bit of pain accompanying that happiness. But my youth was miserable. From the age of 15 on life was a misery. I drank a lot, and I smoked a lot of weed. I don’t know why I smoked all the weed, because I didn’t really enjoy it. Alcohol I loved, though. I remember my senior year getting totally bombed on weed and beer and going out in the country and driving like maniacs in my friend’s car. We eventually had a car wreck. We were lucky we didn’t have one sooner, but my friend was a very good driver, and he always recovered when we got in trouble. That times seems very cold and unhappy. When I joined the army I drank a LOT. Some of the army was fun, but there was also the drudgery. From about fifteen through forty my life was a misery to me.

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Bl**dy awful. Defiantly blooming at 42. (I mean definitely, but defiant sounds cool.)


I felt very hurt and angry as a teenager, but there was good times in there as well. At the time, I thought I was the ■■■■■■ up one. But in hindsight we all were. That’s probably why my crowd gravitated together

We were all dirt poor, so we made our own fun. We called it ■■■■ disturbing, where we would just go ahead and cause trouble. Nothing violent or damaging, just things we did for fun ■■■■■■■ with other people’s heads.

To this day, when I tell people I was a South Ender, they look at me funny because they have all heard our crazy tales LOL

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