You know what?

I am angry at myself and everyone. I no longer talk to my dad. My mom is sick. I cut myself. I have a caseworker who would not even let me take a day away from things in respite. I hope the nodules on my lungs kill me. I could go on .i dont think the crisis center would take me in as ive said some ugly things to staff there .

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I wish i could drink. The neighbors keep on…i was a viola player for five years i still know how to play.thats the good i still have left.

You can apologize saying your sorry and receive again some help

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They told me they prob wont

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I think about being underground. I know im nothing.i try so hard to get better everyday.

I hate that things are so rough for you right now. You’re obviously a very strong person. I really admire your perseverance. :slight_smile:


Well the meds made a difference. Not as what to do to for resolution.

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No sleep for

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