I'd be better off dead

I am yelled by idiots. Last one les.and a few other things lol. Doesn’t matter. Rox worry like Duane said he said you have to stop bitching and ignore them .

Go back to sleep

you got to help yourself @roxanna I wish you would tell your pdoc you are still unstable…getting old…

We’ll see Nov 16.

Sorry for asking jukebox

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@roxanna I hope you will feel better soon. I know the feeling of being better off dead, I feel it too. I think you are better off alive though.

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I am thank you. 555⅝5

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Sorry take up space need it told sent me to crisis.

Go to the crisis center. It’ll be okay.

Man, I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix things for you. I’m so sorry for your suffering.



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I wish good things for you. I hope you get the help you need.

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I think the crisis center would be the best thing for you @roxanna. I sound like a broken record saying that over and over. We all want you to get better.

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