You know I've been so suicidal

But today I nearly died and I realised just how precious life really is.


It’s not worth it. Life can be shite but it can be wonderful! Maintain the strength to enjoy the wonderful because that is worth it!


You just gotta hang in there and try to enjoy life while it lasts. Sorry about your near death experience. Are you gonna be ok?


I was just sitting here wondering what point of my life
I’ve not had kids
I’ve not even had a career
But I know I want to live


Yes I’m just tired now had a rough day


I’m really glad you didn’t die because I would miss you.

Maybe you should write this and put it in a place where you’ll see it if you feel like this again:

Life is precious.
Things can change so much in one day.
I deserve to be happy.
I deserve to live a fulfilling life.


Walla …!!! Have u tried natural supplement like lithium orotate…!!! For mood stablizer…!!!


I came to the same realization after my two attempts…it took two attempts for me to finally realize I wanted to live…good for you @anon20318121 I hope you can find strength in hope some day…


what happened? How did you almost die?


I was going to throw the towel in and i just had beautiful memories of me as a kid growing up and how much my mom did for me in the semi hard life I had.

Another day another life

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I’m so glad you’re still here. I would miss you. I can’t wait till your feeling better and this rough patch is behind you. I’m glad you keep coming here to get some of it out, to talk to us.

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I am glad you are here

Most people who try to commit suicide by jumping off of bridges and survive… they’ll tell you how immediately they realized they just wanted to live.

Suicide to contradicts the nature of the human being in so many ways.

Unfortunately, life is appropriately challenging enough to make sense with that inner human being as well.

We lack the capacity to evolve as rapidly as our world changes… so we must put all our investment in adapting to cope.

This is one of those things, that seems very trivial and too absolutely true to overlook… and it’s also one of those things that I inadvertently wind up slapping people in the face with… Some like that perspective… many other don’t… Only a few that don’t like still know they should accept it and allow it to breed sympathy.

We weren’t made for this world… but who would really want to be someone who was?

As a last directive… Human society is created by humans… regardless of what people say it is maleable and does change over time… It was Ghandi who said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And for some… that’s all they have to do to trust that whether it’s all or nothing… aspects of the world will always be good places.

We can all choice to make the world a better place, by making it better around us… Even just a vague notion of life’s virtues is enough to stand on in that regard.

I’m sorry you’ve been strung out @anon20318121… I’m glad your with us… because you too allow us to know we are not alone.

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